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Good Features of Retekess TD175 and TD175P Restaurant Buzzer System

Good Features of Retekess TD175 and TD175P Restaurant Buzzer System

Good Features of Retekess TD175 and TD175P Restaurant Buzzer System

    Since the launch of TD175, it has been well received by many customers, so we launched a new product TD175P based on TD175. What features make these two paging systems so popular? The following is an introduction to the advantages of these two pagers.

    1.Prompt way of keypad

    There is one setting key on the keypad of the TD175 and TD175P buzzer system, you can add the number to F2.  Then set the prompt way based on your need. "000" means mute, "001" means beep," 002" means vibration, "003" means beep and vibration. So you want the make sure to supply a quiet environment to the guest and improve the guest's satisfaction. You can set the keypad to mute. So when you press the keypad, you can just check the number on the LED display.  But if you want to make sure that you press the number successfully, you can set the keypad to beep or vibration, or beep with vibration. All the settings are based on your needs. 

    The feature of changing the prompt way of the keypad is a unique feature of the Retekess TD175 restaurant buzzer system. Retekess cares about every customer's needs.  So if you need other features, pls feel free to email us.


    2.Prompt time

    Retekess TD175 and TD175P pager system supports changed the prompt time, which is from 1-999S. You can set the F3 to change it. It is very easy to operate and very useful. Retekess T116 system, which is the most popular type, doesn't support changing time, The default time is 30S, so if the customers miss the prompt, they may miss getting the order. The other good feature is that it is anti-lose. Due to that, there is no stop key on the pagers, so you can set the prompt time as long. And when it beep or vibration, the customers must return the pagers, It will stop once you plug the pagers into the keypad. It can effectively help the owner of the restaurant to solve the customer forgetting to return or take away the pagers. 

    3.TD175P is a large-capacity pager. A set of 30 pages. Allows you to deal with a period of large passenger easily, help you improve service efficiency, keep more customers

    Retekess TD175 and TD175P restaurant paging system also with other features, such as support for the different keypads to call the pagers, one key to power off all the pagers, and so on. So if you want to use our pager system for your restaurants, cafes, bakery, and so on. Please contact us. We will check the best price. 

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