How can Retekess TD110 Wireless Watch Pager Benefit Your Restaurant?

How can Retekess TD110 Wireless Watch Pager Benefit Your Restaurant?

How can Retekess TD110 Wireless Watch Pager Benefit Your Restaurant?

Retekess just launched the new TD110 watch receiver. This is a feature-rich wireless watch receiver that is very durable. It supports 8 languages and can meet more requirements. Large battery capacity and new power-saving technology enable its standby time to reach 72 hours or more. It supports adding up to 999 call buttons, which can function stably even in restaurants with a large passenger flow. You can also edit the name of the call button according to the needs of different scenarios, which is more practical

So how does TD110 play a role in your restaurant? You can equip each of your employees with a TD110 watch receiver. This watch receiver can help the kitchen contact the staff, and at the same time enable customers to quickly ask the waiter for help

The restaurant’s kitchen is a noisy and noisy environment, which makes it difficult to communicate between people, and it may be difficult to hear each other’s words clearly, which will greatly reduce work efficiency. At the same time, the influence of noise and distance makes it more difficult for the kitchen to call the waiter to serve food. The call button and watch receiver can help solve this problem. You can install the TD005 long-range call button in the kitchen. You can pair the 5 buttons with the 5 watch receivers so that when the dishes are ready, they will be accurate. , Quickly call the corresponding waiter to deliver dishes, simple and efficient

In addition, you can also install a call button on each dining table. In this way, the waiter does not have to stand by the customer's table all the time to check their needs but has time to serve other customers or deliver dishes. When a customer needs services such as ordering, adding water, or checking out, the waiter can be quickly notified to obtain the service through the call button, which will also make the customer have a better experience

Using the TD110 watch receiver and call button will enable your entire restaurant, from the kitchen to the front hall, from the customer to the waiter, to establish a convenient and efficient communication channel. Help your restaurant improve efficiency, get more satisfied customers, and benefit your restaurant

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