How does the Retekess Service Calling System Benefits Your Restaurant?

How does the Retekess Service Calling System Benefits Your Restaurant?

How does the Retekess Service Calling System Benefits Your Restaurant?

The wireless call button is indeed needed in this hard time so that people can stay in a safe distance. This system adopts wireless call technology, and the customer can press the call button to ask help, such as water, order, or bill. Once they press the call button, the waiters will get the signal via the watch receivers. It will improve the working efficiency and customer satisfaction.

But how to extend the working range of the calling system to make sure the waiter will get the signal in time?

1, Choose the right transmitter-call button

We have several types of call button and each call button with the different working range, T117, which is the most popular type, the working range is 80-100M in the open area. But for the TD004, TD005, the working range will be up to 400M. TD004 and TD005 have a long antenna, so the working range is longer than normal. It is widely used in the factory, warehouse. There are 2 keys and 5 keys to operate. 

2, Choose the right receiver

For the receiver, we have the watch receiver and host receiver. It also affects the working range lot. TD108, TD106, and T128 work in a similar range. But for the TD108, we have 3 vision, each vision supports 3 languages, such as English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and Portuguese. You can choose the language that you need. Regarding T128 and TD106, they support to customize the key name. 

To make sure the watch receiver has the full power is needed.

3, Reduce obstacles

The range of the wireless calling system adopts wireless technology, so the working range is affected by the surroundings. Reduce the obstacles is needed, such as walls, doors, and so on. It will short the working range.  

4, Use the repeater 

If there must be obstacles, using the repeater will be the best choice. Recently we have the TD021 as the best repeater, you can use 6 repeaters in one system to extend the working range. Click here to check how to set the repeater.

Hope that the 4 ways will help you to choose the right calling system for your business. If you still have the confusion, pls feel free to email us at 

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