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How to improve service satisfaction in the high-class restaurant?

How to improve service satisfaction in the high-class restaurant?

How to improve service satisfaction in the high-class restaurant?

In today's society, everything is fast. People hope to find what they need quickly and get a reply quickly. Just like in a restaurant, customers expect a quick response when they need service.
Customer satisfaction is important in every field, especially high-end restaurants. The timeliness of service greatly affects customer satisfaction. So how can the waiter provide the service that the customer needs in a timely manner?

Retekess wireless call system can help waiters provide services to customers in a timely manner through the following aspects.

1. You can equip the service call system of Retekess in the restaurant. The service call system consists of a call button and a receiver. When customers need service, they don’t need to shout loudly to the waiter, they only need to press the call button on the dining table, and the waiter can receive the signal through the watch receiver or screen receiver, so that the waiter can quickly come to the customer.

For watch receivers, we have 3 models: TD106, T128 and TD108 watch receivers. We have one, two, three, four and five button call buttons. We also have table buttons that you can place directly on the table. Or you can use the table legs to place the call button. This makes the table more comfortable.

2. In order for the chef to quickly find the waiter and let the waiter serve the guests, you can use the transmitter keyboard and watch receiver.
After the chef prepares the food, he can call the waiter who needs to pick up the food by launching the keyboard. This is very convenient and useful. And it can also reduce the waiting time of customers.

With this system, the chef can call the service staff after the order is confirmed, and the customer can call the service staff directly. Hence, it will increase efficiency and increase satisfaction.

If you want to learn more about how to use them and need a solution, please email support@retekess.com. We will do our best to help.

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