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What is the difference between Guest paging system and Service calling system?

Retekess provide both guest paging system and service calling system, what is the difference betweent them and how do you use them? Please check this artical, any questions, email us at support@retekess.com  ...

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Retekess Professional TD112 Kitchen Calling System

Retekess kitchen calling system consists of call button and watch receivers. For the call button, you can use the TD005 and for the watch receiver, if you need the IP67 waterproof level, the TT112 is the best one.  ...

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Horizontal and Fully Functional Coaster Pager Retekess TD167 Series Restaurant Pager Queuing System

Retekess introduces the TD167 series, a horizontal and fully functional circular pager system designed for restaurants. With advantages over traditional pagers, this system offers stability, ease of use, and advanced features like over-range alarm and vibration alerts. The TD167A and TD167F models provide cost-effective solutions with slight variations in working distance. Both models enhance communication, reduce wait times, and improve the overall dining experience.  ...

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How to set notice mode of Retekess TD103 paging calling system?

Retekess TD103 wireless calling system has 7 modes notice. You can choose it freely. If you have any problem about this setting, please check this blog. Any questions, feel free to contact us.  ...

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How to improve service satisfaction in the high-class restaurant?

Do you need a solution for your high-class restaurant? Retekess service calling system will help you best. With the watch receiver and call button. Customer can call the staff directly if they need help. Which will make your customers more satisfied. If any questions, feel free to email us at support@retekess.com  ...

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Retekess SU-668 Excellent Features

This wireless calling system set consists of one 999-channel keypad wireless calling button base and 10 pcs wireless coasters. The keypad call can send 999 different codes by combination from digits 0-9. The queuing system greatly improves work efficiency and avoids the client waiting in a long queue. So it is widely used in fast food restaurant, food court, pizza shop, church, and auto shop or other places where there are many guests waiting for their services  ...

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