Portable Interpretation Equipment Solution

Portable Interpretation Equipment Solution

Portable Interpretation Equipment Solution

Due to the impact of the epidemic, many events and meetings need to maintain a certain social distance, avoid unsafe factors about close contact with people, increase the frequency of use of interpretation equipment.
Interpretation equipment makes courts, churches, and international conferences maintain a safe distance and communication is smoother.
Facing different groups with different language needs, a professional interpretation equipment solution is particularly important, which can promote exchanges and cooperation between different languages ​​and cultures.
Retekess is committed to the research and development of wireless products and solutions, which will make you more satisfied while improving the overall operating efficiency of the enterprise.
We will provide suitable solutions for meetings, courts, and churches.

T130 Church Translation System

The T130 system is the best-selling and most cost-effective product. The frequency range is 195-230MHZ. It supports 99 channels. It allows multiple groups to work at the same place at the same time. It is easy to operate.

One transmitter can be connected to countless receivers, and the sound quality is clear, The communication distance of about 60 meters in open areas can maintain a comfortable social distance.

TT101-TT102 Court Translation System

The TT101-TT102 system comes with a one-meter cable that can be easily put into your pocket, saving your hands. The transmitter and receiver have built-in 1200 mAh lithium batteries. The transmitter can work for 20 hours when fully charged, and the receiver can work for about 40 hours. Long standby time Time, don’t worry about power issues.

TT106 Conference Translation System

The TT106 system uses 2.4G global free universal frequency, supports 9999 frequencies, allows a group of two transmitters to work at the same time, two people can speak at the same time or take turns to speak, all listeners can hear their voices, there is a key mute function, Supports simultaneous input of 3.5mm AUX and MIC, and can play background music or pre-recorded voice files.

You can choose the right interpretation equipment solution according to different needs. If you want to know more communication solutions, please feel free to contact us at support@retekess.com

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