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Retekess Pager System FAQ

Retekess Pager System FAQ

Retekess Pager System FAQ

Guest Paging System

How does the Retekess guest paging system work?

Retekess is a leading provider of wireless communication solutions for various industries, including restaurants, hospitals, and retail stores. One popular product they offer is the pager system, which helps businesses streamline their operations and improve customer service. But how exactly does the Retekess pager system work?

The Retekess pager system consists of three main components: the transmitter, pagers, and charging base. The transmitter is usually placed at the host stand or front desk of a business, where staff members can easily access it. When a customer arrives or places an order, the staff member enters the customer's information into the transmitter, which then sends a signal to the corresponding pager.

The pagers are small, portable devices that customers can carry with them while they wait for their table or order to be ready. Once the transmitter sends a signal to a pager, it vibrates or lights up to alert the customer that their table is ready or their order is complete. This allows customers to move freely around the business without having to constantly check in with the staff.

When the customer is ready to be seated or pick up their order, they simply return the pager to the charging base, which resets the pager for the next customer. The charging base not only charges the pagers but also helps keep them organized and easily accessible for staff members.

Is the Retekess guest pager system a stand-alone system? Does Retekess guest pager sytem need to be connected to WiFi?

One of the main advantages of the Retekess pager system is that it does not require Wifi to function. This means that businesses can easily implement the system without having to worry about connectivity issues or relying on an existing Wifi network. The system operates on its own frequency, making it a reliable and easy-to-use option for businesses of all sizes.

Additionally, the Retekess pager system is a stand-alone system, meaning that it does not need to be connected to any other devices or systems to work. This makes it a convenient and versatile option for businesses looking to streamline their operations without investing in complex infrastructure. The system can easily be set up and customized to meet the specific needs of the business, whether it's managing wait times in a restaurant or coordinating patient appointments in a hospital.

I have 3 kiosks next to each other. If I buy 3 sets of pagers of the same model from 1 to 30 will the interfeer between each sets?

They will not interfere with each other because each of their keyboard IDs is different. A pager that is not paired with a keyboard will not receive calls from other keyboards, even if the numbers of the two pagers are the same.
The pager can only receive paired keyboard calls.

Service Call System

How many customer call buttons can a service call system screen receiver or watch receiver work with?

Generally, the number of buttons that can be paired with a screen receiver and a watch receiver is within 200-999, and most of the buttons that can be paired are more than 500.

Retekess call buttons can be paired with various models of Retekess screen receivers and watch receivers and are easy to operate, which will make it easier for you to expand your business. You can choose any Retekess button model to match Retekess screens and watches.

How does the Retekess service call system work?

—Keyboard call: Managers and supervisors or restaurant support staff can use the keypad transmitter to send a call signal to call employees, and employees can see the call information displayed the call information displayed on the watch.

—Button call: Customers waiting for service can call staff through a button, and the call information can be displayed on the screen or watch.

What is the Retekess service call system?

Retekess service system includes:

—Retekess signal transmitter: keypad, buttons, they are used to transmit call signals.

—Retekess signal receivers: screen receivers, watch receivers, they are used to receive and display calls from buttons.

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Customers are able to get the attention of waiters without yelling across the open space. Cooks are able to notify waiters when a customer order is ready for pickup.

Does the Retekess service call system need to be connected to WiFi?

No, the retekess service system does not need to be connected to WiFi.

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