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Retekess TD108 LoRa Nurse Calling System

Retekess TD108 LoRa Nurse Calling System

Retekess TD108 LoRa Nurse Calling System

Retekess TH108 LoRa nurse calling system is a wireless communication solution designed for use in healthcare environments, such as hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics. It utilizes Long Range (LoRa) technology to provide reliable and efficient communication between patients and caregivers. 

The calling system consists of the TH108 host receiver which is with the 32 light and TH110 LoRa call button. The range in the open area can reach up to 2000M. If you use it in the buildings, the range may be short, but still longer than others.

Pls check the good features of TH08 host receiver 

Set patient call light priority

As we all know, the time in the hospital is important. For TH108, the best feature is that you can set the 3 levels for the calling, each color means a different level. Green represents normal calls, blue represents timeout calls, and red represents emergency calls. So when the nurse checks the light, they will know the leave and set their working reasonable.

nurse calling system

32-bit LED dot matrix display, flexible and expandable

The 32 light will show on the board, so it is very easy to see the number at once. Besides, each dot matrix can correspond to 8 button calls, and 32 dot matrices can match 256 buttons.

Portable and lightweight 

We sold the TD121 and TD122 before, which are 24 lights and 60 lights, but they are both large sizes, so it is not easy to set in the nurse call. But TH108 is a small size, so you can even put it on the table and move it easily.

When considering the TH108 LoRa nurse calling system, it's important to assess your specific requirements, budget, and compatibility with existing infrastructure. Consulting with vendors or industry professionals can help ensure the system meets your needs while providing reliable and efficient nurse call communication.


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