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Why Retekess TT126 Tow Way Tour Guide System

Why Retekess TT126 Tow Way Tour Guide System

Why Retekess TT126 Tow Way Tour Guide System

Retekess TT126 is a two-way guiding system by which tours quickly start/end with one press and no training is required. A clear message conveyed among the guide and his guests is ensured even in a noisy environment. It consists of a main transmitter and vice transmitter, you can add any quantity of vice transmitters based on your needs.

Why you need to choose the TT126, pls check the features below:

1, East to adjust the channel 

There is a lock feature for the TT126, to avoid someone pressing the keys by mistake. Besides, once you unlock the tools, you can press the "+,- ” to adjust the channel, it is very easy to operate. It means that if there are many main transmitters in one area, you can adjust the channel, based on your needs. It will be good to use it in the translation.

2, Long working time

The tour guide system is built in with 2500MHz battery, ensuring it can last through extended tours or events without needing frequent recharging. For the transmitter, it can last for about 10 hours and 10-30 hours for the receivers. 

3, Options choice for the type of the receiver

The two way system is the neck type, both of the side are two way, but you can also set the system to allow the other vice transmitter talk in the one group all the time. If you don't wnt to set it, we will list the one way ear type.

There are other good feature, such as one key mute, 2 jackets port, and so on.

So if you want someone talk and listen, you can send the neck type to them. bt others with the ear type. 

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