Retekess Hospital Paging System Newly Upgraded TH108&TH107

Retekess Hospital Paging System Newly Upgraded TH108&TH107

Retekess Hospital Paging System Newly Upgraded TH108&TH107

2000m Working Range Call Light System TH108

The newly upgraded Retekess hospital nurse call system is revolutionizing communication in medical facilities. With the Long Range 2000m Nurse Call System TH108 Host Receiver and  hospital call button TH010 Call Button, hospitals, clinics, and nurse stations can now efficiently manage patient calls from afar.

IP67 Waterproof Wireless Nurse Call Systems TH107

The TH107 Host Receiver, paired with the IP67 Waterproof Two-Button TH008, is ideal for hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes with a working range of 500m. The 32-bit LED dot matrix display is not only flexible and expandable but also visually displays call information for quick response. It can also be a good choice for call lights in nursing homes.

Why chose them?

With each dot matrix corresponding to 8 button calls, and 32 dot matrix matching 256 buttons, patient call priority can be easily set. The system's 3 colors of alarm lights make it easy to distinguish the urgency of the call. Green indicates normal calls, blue signals timeout calls, and red signifies emergency calls.

The IP67 waterproof caregiver pager call buttons ensure functionality even during accidental water contact. The buttons can still operate when worn by patients during daily activities, such as washing hands. With a power-off memory function, the host unit does not need to be reset after a power outage.

The system is easy to set up, with an adjustable volume and support for external speakers. With 6 levels of volume adjustment and mute capabilities, users can customize the audio output to suit their needs. The system also supports a 3.5mm coaxial audio interface for external speaker output.

In addition to its clear call modes, the system features a setting switch function to prevent tampering with settings. Multiple power supply methods ensure continuous operation, even in the event of a power outage.

Overall, the Retekess hospital nurse call system is a reliable and efficient solution for managing patient calls in medical facilities. Its advanced features and user-friendly design make it a valuable addition to any hospital or clinic looking to improve communication and response times.

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