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Speed ​​up Service with a Waiter Calling System

Speed ​​up Service with a Waiter Calling System

Speed ​​up Service with a Waiter Calling System

 In addition to Retekess wireless guest paging system, kitchen calling system, and queue calling system, you can also buy waiter call systems/wireless calling system, which are guaranteed to speed up the service of our guests!

In restaurants, pizzerias, and other eateries, many guests are bothered when they have to wait too long for waiters, whether it’s to order food or pay for consumption. Valuable minutes can pass with the guest waiting for the waiter, making guests prefer to sit down in restaurants where waiters can work quickly and efficiently.

Wireless calling system in restaurant

The operation of the waiter call system is simple: by pressing the call button on the table, the guest can signal to the waiter. There’s a clock on the waiter’s wrist that vibrates so you know which table you need to get tired of. The call button can also be used in the kitchen, the chef can also signal the waiter about the kitchen when the food is ready, thanks to which the food can still be placed on the tables fresh and warm. The system can be supplemented with a display.

Wireless calling system adopts advanced wireless technology to solve the service between customer and waiter. This system allows restaurants to provide the right service at the right time without interrupting the guest's private conversation or provide a special waiter to check table request time and time. This solution helps customers ensure that their attention has been notified such as call, water, bill, order, and pay- no more waving hands or yelling out for service. There is software in wristwatches, you can download data to your computer to assess waiter’s working efficiency- how long do they serve. You can also get service types such as water, pay, order, and so on.

With waiter calls, you can boost the restaurant’s traffic a lot, as if people see that the service is fast, they’ll be happy to choose your restaurant.

Experience the benefits of the waiter call system, make it easier for guests, waiters, and kitchen workers alike!

If you are interested and would like to provide the waiter call system in your restaurant, or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

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