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Features of the TD124 Wireless Calling System Display Receiver

Features of the TD124 Wireless Calling System Display Receiver

Features of the TD124 Wireless Calling System Display Receiver

Excellent features:

1.TD124 wireless calling system display receiver can work with up to 999 pagers.

2.The receiver system has 16 built-in key values, and you can set the key value of each key individually.

3.RFID staff cards can be set up to enable staff to answer after a call for service, check staff service in real-time, count staff service data, and maximize staff efficiency.

4.The wireless remote control can be added to remotely set up the TD124 wireless calling system.

5.External antenna, high sensitivity, code distance up to 200m with ordinary pagers, code distance up to 800m with long-distance pagers.

6.Supports up to 6 groups of call records displayed on the same screen.

7.There are 1-6 levels of volume settings, supporting a 3.5mm external speaker.

8.There is a USB data interface, which can be connected to a computer for data display and export. We provide the software, you can also use it with custom software.

9.Can be used with Retekess different pagers for simple call service.

Retekess the function of TD124 wireless calling systemRetekes TD018 table call button

How to use:

A customer has a request and calls using the TD018 Table Call Button, the TD124 Wireless Calling System Display Receiver's LED screen displays the customer's call information, while the computer and the watch receiver are worn by the staff also display the customer's call information. The attendant serves the customer according to the information displayed on the LED screen receiver or the watch receiver and uses the RFID card to confirm the answer on the TD018 pager used by the customer after the service is completed. After the service has been completed the LED screen receiver deletes the customer's call information and the computer software shows that it has been completed.

Applicable Scenes:

The best feature is in the restaurant service scenario after the customer calls, the staff can answer after the service, the manager can check the status of the staff serving the customer in real-time on the computer, and can count the staff service efficiency and assess the staff, which can improve the efficiency of the waiter and improve the service quality of the restaurant. It is suitable for all medium and large restaurants, hotels, etc.

Note: If the distance of the product does not meet your usage requirements, you can add repeaters such as F9457F.

If you want to learn more about the TD124 Wireless Calling System Display Receiver, please leave a comment or contact us at support@retekess.com and we will give you a specific answer.

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