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How To Choose The Right Tour Guide System

How To Choose The Right Tour Guide System

How To Choose The Right Tour Guide System

With the development of society and technological progress, wireless tour guide system is widely used for corporate reception work and tour guides leading a group to travel and Other fields, meeting the needs of different groups of people. However, how to choose a tour guide system that suits you? The following several aspects will give you some reference opinions.

Applied field

What field to use, such as group travel, museum interpretation, conference simultaneous translation, church translation, education, training, etc.

Communication distance

It can be selected according to the communication distance and audience size, We have different ranges to ensure the listening effectively.


When multiple groups work at the same time or need translations in different languages. You can set up different channels to meet your requirement. anti-interference.

Frequency range

You can choose the frequency range you want according to your specific needs. ensure signal stability, prevent cross-frequency.


Product specifications and functions: The battery life, working hours, volume, aux Jack, transmitter, one-way communication or two-way communication, one key to receive, one key to close, one piece of mute, charging port, and so on.

The wireless audio guide system plays an important role in communicating with people in tourism, conferences translation and church services, and so on. It is convenient to operate and carry around, improving our communication efficiency. Choosing the right tour guide system can be difficult because a lot depends on how you will use it. Your environment, the size of the audience, and various other factors need to be taken into consideration.

The suggestions above hope to help you choose a product that suits you. If you have other special product functional requirements, you can also contact us for customization and improvement. support@retekess.com

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