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The detailed operation of “Special Offer for Window Intercom”

The special promotion for window intercom is is in progress,we set up a coupon for 15 off for every 150, how should the coupon be used specifically? How can I get the maximum discount?If you have questions, pls email us at support@retekess.com  ...

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Can I Use the Headset with TW106 Intercom System?

where you can use the wireless window speaker system? And does it support the headset on TW106? And how to operate it with the headset? The intercom system is widely used in many applications. If you have questions, pls email us at support@retekess.com  ...

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Retekess TH101 Wireless Caregiver Pager System for Care Facilities

Do you want to install an alarm system for patients in need of care? Retekess TH101 wireless caregiver pager system for care facilities will be your best choice. You can use multiple call buttons to deliver alarms to the same receiver from different locations, which will make it easier to use. The alarm receiver can be directly connected to the power supply on the wall without drilling holes in the wall for installation, which is more convenient and beautiful.  ...

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How To Choose The Right Tour Guide System

The wireless tour guide system plays an important role in communicating with people in tourism, conferences translation and church services, and so on. It is convenient to operate and carry, improving communication efficiency. this article will tell you how to choose the right tour guide system.  ...

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