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TT126 2 Way Tour Guide System for Group Communication

TT126 2 Way Tour Guide System for Group Communication

TT126 2 Way Tour Guide System for Group Communication

Are you tired of struggling to be heard over the hustle and bustle of a busy tour group? Do you wish there was a more efficient way to communicate with your tour participants? Look no further - our 2 way guiding system is here to revolutionize the way you lead tours!

Traditionally, tour guides have relied on shouting or using hand signals to communicate with their groups. This not only strains your vocal cords but can also lead to miscommunication and confusion among participants. Our two-way tour guide system eliminates these issues by providing a clear and reliable method of communication between the guide and the group.

So, how exactly does our 2-way tour guide system work? It's simple - the guide wears a transmitter with a microphone, while participants are given lightweight receivers with earpieces. This allows the guide to speak directly into the microphone, with their voice being transmitted to the participants in real time. In turn, participants can ask questions or provide feedback through their receivers, creating a seamless and interactive experience for everyone involved.

The benefits of using a two-way audio guide system are truly game-changing. Not only does it improve communication between the guide and participants, but it also enhances the overall tour experience. Participants can hear every word clearly, even in noisy environments or crowded spaces. This ensures that everyone receives the same information, regardless of their position in the group.


If you're ready to take your tour guiding experience to the next level, we recommend trying out our TT126 two way tour guide system.

This 2-way communication system supports adjusting microphone gain. This feature allows the tour guide to control the volume and clarity of the sound through the microphone. This is especially important in noisy environments or when talking to a large group of people. By adjusting microphone sensitivity, tour guides can ensure that all participants can hear them clearly.

Another convenient feature of the TT126 tour guide solutions is the ability to turn off all receivers with one click. This is helpful at the end of a tour or at a break, where the guide can quickly and easily turn off all receivers at once.

The automatic pairing function simplifies the connection process of the two way tour guide equipment, eliminating the need for manual adjustments and making it easy for tour guides to quickly set up and start using the device.

The TT126 transmitter can be paired with any number of receivers and work together. This flexibility ensures that the tour guide equipment can be used for small tours or large group excursions, as they can easily add or subtract receivers as required.

The two-way system's volume is adjustable in 10 levels, allowing users to customize the listening experience to their preferences. This feature ensures that participants can comfortably hear the guide’s narration without straining to listen or being overwhelmed by noise.

With their user-friendly design and reliable performance, two way communication headsets can significantly improve communication and enhance the travel experience. So why wait? Upgrade your tour guide service today with our two-way tour guide system!

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