Best Restaurant Pager for Business TD156

Best Restaurant Pager for Business TD156

Best Restaurant Pager for Business TD156

Where can a set of restaurant pagers be used? Restaurants, cafes, playgrounds, shopping malls, and any place that needs to queue up can be used. Now that offline business is affected by the epidemic virus, online business is becoming more and more popular. If you want to retain more offline customers, service is essential. Good service is inseparable from the guest paging system because the restaurant paging system can choose the area they want to stay in and wait for the call instead of letting customers wait in a queue. So the best restaurant pager for business is necessary.

Why TD156 is the best restaurant pager for business

For the TD156 transmitter, the keypad is touchable, it is very convenient to use. 

For the pager, the outside pager has one rubber around it. If you fall it by accident, it can protect the pager. So if you use it in the playground, it is a good choice, because there are always many children there. 

best restaurant pager for business

For the integration with software, it has the protocol, which allows you to integrate with the POS system, if you own a classic restaurant, this one is a good choice. Based on this function, you can change the pager ID in time to make it the same as the POS order number.  

For the out-of-range notice, if you own a big market mall, customers will be noticed if they are out of range, so they can make sure they are in the range that you can reach with no problem. Besides, it is anti-thief. 

If you own a coffee shop with a lot of water, it is IP67 waterproof, even falls into water, there is no problem. 

If you are in a crowded area, the notice modes are slow, medium, and fast, so you can choose the fast way to make the notice stronger. 

For the count down function, if you are afraid the customer not come after you call, you can set this function, so the pager will notice the customer again based on the time you set.

It has the low power notice, it will show LO on the pager. So you can charge the pagers in time. 

With this paging system, you will see that it fits almost all situations, all these functions make the TD156 pager system the Best Restaurant Pager for Business.

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