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What do you need to know about the Retekess TT126 Two Way Tour Guide System

What do you need to know about the Retekess TT126 Two Way Tour Guide System

What do you need to know about the Retekess TT126 Two Way Tour Guide System

TT126 two way tour guide system is the upgrade version of the TT124 two way audio guide system. Compared with the previous version, TT126 two way tour guide system has more exclusive functions such as separate audio input and audio output jacks, One-click function to mute the receivers, the MIC with the adjustable volume, Type-c charging port, One-click function to one-click function to power off the receivers that are in the same channel or frequency. The following is the hot issues on this product you should read carefully, and the author hope that reading this blog can help you further understand the relevant characteristics and operations of Retekess TT126.

The Characteristics of Retekess TT126 Tour Guide System

Two-way Communication and Interaction: this feature makes the presenter and the listeners communicate greatly and fluently, so the both sides can fully exchange views and ideas to enhance the participation. Its especially suitable for the conference scenario.

One-click Function to Mute the Retekess TT126 Receivers: You may have encountered a situation where, during a group tour of famous scenic spots or factory visits, when a tour guide or presenter uses a wireless transmitter with a microphone to explain to the audience, the sound is always disturbed or interrupted by surrounding companions from time to time. The one-click function to mute the receivers is developed to deal with this issue. Through this feature, the host can disable the speaker function of the receiver, so that the speech is not disturbed and everyone in the group can hear clearly.

One Click Shutdown Function: When you complete a group meeting activity, this feature will help you quickly turn off all receivers on the same channel as the transmitter, without having to turn them off one by one, saving you a lot of time and allowing you to end and leave early.

The Mute Function of the Retekess TT126 Transmitter: This function can effectively handle emergency situations encountered by tour guides or hosts during presentations, such as answering a phone call, using the restroom, drinking water to moisten the throat, etc. At this point, simply keep the wireless transmitter briefly silent without turning off the transmitter and receiver.

Type-c Charging Port: Compared to Micro charging ports, type-c charging ports have wider universality and faster charging efficiency.

OLED Display: OLED displays have more saturated colors and a more comfortable appearance, making the displayed parameter content clear at a glance.

How to Make the TT126 Tour Guide System Receiver's ID Consistent with the Transmitter

Under normal conditions, the receiver channel will automatically remain the same as the transmitter, and the receiver screen will display SCH. If automatic pairing fails, within a valid distance and in a non locked state, press and hold the red mute button and "+" button in the middle of the transmitter for 3 seconds.

How to Simultaneously Turn off All Retekess TT126 Receivers on the Same Channel as the Transmitter?

In the unlocked state, press and hold the red mute button and minus button in the middle of the transmitter for 3 seconds to turn off the receivers on the same channel, and the all off prompt will be displayed on the screen; The transmitter will automatically exit after 8-9 seconds, click the close command, and then the all off prompt will not be displayed on the screen.

How to Mute the Receivers on the Same Channel as the Transmitter

When the TT126 receiver has not exited the speaking state, the transmitter can disable the receiver's speaking function. In non-locked state, press the transmitter mute button and MIC button simultaneously for 3 seconds, the operation is done; When muted, the screen displays the word  block. If the mute function is cancelled, and the same operation is repeated, the word block will disappear.

How to Adjust the Volume of Retekess TT126 Two-way Tour Guide System

In non locked state, the mic key is used to adjust the microphone volume, with a level of 1-7. The higher the level, the wider the sound collection range, and the greater the impact of environmental noise.

Through this post, you have gained a deeper understanding of the characteristics and operations of TT126. Retekess TT126 can not only be used in tourism, factory visits, conferences and other scenarios, but also in equestrian training, study tours, educational training and other scenarios.

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