What FM transmitter do I need for Christmas light Show?

What FM transmitter do I need for Christmas light Show?

What FM transmitter do I need for Christmas light Show?

If you want to have a part with Christmas light show this year, how can you get together and keep social distance with family and friends?

This way, you can set up with the FM transmitter, with the transmitter, you can invite the people to stay in car and listen music with the Car FM radio to listen the music and see the light show outside. This way, you can see each other and keep social distance as well.

If you use them as a small group gather, the Retekess TR508 and TR509 FM transmitter is the best choice for you. They are FCC and IC, you can feel free to use them at home. Especially the TR508 FM transmitter, it is free license. You don’t need to worry about the rule of FCC. And the range is up to 300-400 meters in the open area. So you are able to use it without problem.

Where should you place the FM transmitter?

Some people put it in side the house and almost middle and beside the wall. Then you will face the problem about the range, it may not even reach few meters. So you should find some place as high as possible and put in the open area to increase the coverage.

Any metal sheets will block the signal, so make sure the FM transmitter far away from the metal material.

How do you get the best sound of the Fm transmitter?

  1. Make sure you install the antenna correctly, and good audio cable as well.
  2. Make sure you have the right frequency. Do not use the frequency that the public use commenly. Choose a frequency others don’t use.
  3. Set the right level of your volume. Not only the transmitter but the PC which you control the music.

Happy Christmas!

If you have any other questions, feel free to email us at support@retekess.com.

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