What Retekess Tour Guide System Should Choose for Segway Tour?

What Retekess Tour Guide System Should Choose for Segway Tour?

What Retekess Tour Guide System Should Choose for Segway Tour?

As we all know, the Segway tour is more and more popular now. During the Segway tour, you can have your own transport tool, it is very cool, and it changes the way about the tour. But we also should pay more attention when we do the Segway tour, we need to make sure the tourist's safe and let the tourists know the local culture. That way, the tour guide system is a good product for Segway tour communication. 

Since everyone wears a helmet to keep safe during riding. How to should you choose the tour guide system to make sure it is comfortable for the tourists. 

The TT106 wireless tour guide system will be the best choice

Normally, with the chest-hook tour guide system, there are lines because you have to use the extra earpieces. That may cause chaos during transport, it may swing left and right, and it may be entangled with something which will be very annoying.

But with the TT106 tour guide system, you can use the wireless speaker for the transmitters, you can wear the helmet without a problem. And for the receivers, it is an ear-hook type. You don’t need to worry about the lines. It will be safer to use the totally wireless tour guide system for your Segway tour. 

The advantage to using the TT106 tour guide system

It is also a long-range device, 100 meters in the open area, so even with the large group of tours, and they leave far from the tour guides, the tourists still able to hear from the guides. In addition, it supports two people using two transmitters in the same group. Since the Segway tour usually has two guides to keep the group safe. One is in front and one is at the end. 

That will be a great experience with the tour guide system. So you should have one system for your tour group. If you are interested, feel free to email us at support@retekess.com


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