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Where and how can you use the two-way intercom window system?

Where and how can you use the two-way intercom window system?

Where and how can you use the two-way intercom window system?

How to avoid direct contact during this special time? Are you worried about your staff’s safety if your store still open? Of course you do, then the two-way intercom system is your best choice.

Maybe you use no tools for communication between customers and staffs before. They can talk freely in close range and even yelling with each other because of the range or obstacle. But at this moment, we all know that the COVID-19 is spreading by saliva which is the fastest way to infect other people. So no matter yelling or close range contact is very dangerous.

You have to find a way to stop the virus and keep people safe. Many people may not strange with the intercom system. We may see it at bank when we do some business there. But the window system is far more that usage. Only the place have a window which need to communicate with other people, you should have this system.

At this moment,many countries may increase the test point to test virus. That way, you will need the two way intercom system to communicate with people who need to test.

If you have a coffee shop only for take out now, you can only left a window part to receive the order.  

If you have a warehouse that cars need to come in, you need to talk with the car drive through a window, you need the window system. Except this area, all many other places can use the two way communication system to help keep away from virus.

It is very easy to install, the outside speaker has the sticker, you can stick it on the glass or wall according to your place. You can adjust the volume for both inside mic and outside mic. You can press one key to mute as well.

We have TW102, TW101 and JT-1918 intercom system in stock. If you need one or any questions, feel free to email us at support@retekess.com

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