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Why Does the Bank Counter Need Retekess Window Intercom Speaker System?

Why Does the Bank Counter Need Retekess Window Intercom Speaker System?

Why Does the Bank Counter Need Retekess Window Intercom Speaker System?

In consideration of various factors such as safety, the windows of bank counters for handling business are installed with a certain thickness of glass. Because the bank has a lot of cash, it may be robbed by criminals. Therefore, the installation of glass can protect the lives of employees to a great extent, but it brings challenges for the employees to handle business for customers. Even if the bank installs a smaller window on the glass, the seats of employees and customers have a certain distance from the glass. Therefore, it is difficult for both parties to hear each other's words clearly without raising their voice. This not only has a bad experience for customers but also greatly reduces work efficiency

Installing the Retekess intercom speaker system at this time will provide customers with a better experience while protecting the safety of employees

1. Ensure that communication can be carried out normally and improve work efficiency. Even in a noisy environment or through thick glass, employees and customers can hear each other clearly and communicate easily without raising their voices

2. Protect the privacy of customers. Customers generally handle deposits and withdrawals or loans at the bank's counter. Customers only need to speak at the external speaker, and the information can be accurately and clearly delivered to employees. It will not be heard by people around it, which helps to protect the personal privacy and property safety of customers

3. Maintain social distancing during the COVID-19 period. The system is installed on each window of the bank counter so that employees and customers can communicate normally without having to speak very close, which will help prevent the spread of the virus. After getting off work every day, you can also use an alcohol cotton cloth to wipe the internal equipment and external speakers. It is easier to disinfect and maintain hygiene

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