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Why Retekess TD106 Wireless Watch Receiver

Why Retekess TD106 Wireless Watch Receiver

Why Retekess TD106 Wireless Watch Receiver

Retekess TD106 is a new wireless watch receiver, what is the difference with other watch receivers? Why should you choose this one?

As you can see, TD106 watch receiver come with the watchband which made of ABS and silicone. So it is very soft and comfortable for wearing. And it is IP54 waterproof and oil proof. In addition, you can take the whole watchband off, so it is very easy to clear as well.

For this wireless wrist watch receiver, it supports 500 call buttons, so you don’t need to worry the call button quantity is not enough. Besides, the ID is 4 figures, you can combine 0-9 and 26 English letters as you want. That will help you recognize the call button better.

The working mode is very useful, for the single mode, one call button key need to pair with one watch, if 5 keys, you want to use them all, that means you need to pair with 5 watches. If you use the key button in kitchen, that will help a lot. One key to one watch receiver which means one waiter, that will easy for the chef. In the multiple key mode, you can pair with all 5 keys to one watch receiver. So it will suitable for few using area.

Further more, it can pair with keypad transmitter, which can set 10 areas, but the transmitter must be the specified one.If you are interested, feel free to email us at support@retekess.com.

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