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Why TD175P is Suitable for Restaurants

Why TD175P is Suitable for Restaurants

Why TD175P is Suitable for Restaurants

Many people have seen many models of pagers, buzzers, etc. Maybe how to choose a suitable pager is a confusing question after seeing so many pagers. But if you are running a restaurant, then I would recommend this TD175p to you, it is designed specifically to solve restaurant problems.

1.A set of thirty pagers

Before anything else, we've seen the Pager 30 on its charging base. Then let us say that we will find it very inconvenient to shout to customers every time for something, because some restaurants have a larger space, and if customers do not get timely service, they will feel that the service here is unprofessional.We don't want to reduce staff efficiency so having a suitable paging system in the restaurant will solve a lot of problems.

Restaurants will have many customers at certain times of the day, so we would certainly like to have enough pagers available to customers at these times. Then you need to know that the TD175P can be paired with up to 999 pagers. The charging base with keyboard has stable charging performance. It doesn't take up a lot of space.

2.Simple and convenient operation modes and functions

Are you worried about the complicated operation mode between transmitter and pager? If you answered yes, then we say the TD175P will not let you down. Select the function you want to turn on or off, and after entering the menu, press the corresponding function confirmation key to complete the operation you want. For example, want to turn on or off the vibration of the pager? It's very simple, the transmitter goes into the menu and selects a code that represents vibration, clicks the call button and it turns off. Each mode has a corresponding code. Press the button to turn off or turn on the corresponding function.

3.Pager reminder mode

There are seven pager reminder modes. After you get the TD175P, you can choose to turn it off or mix it with any combination of sound, light, and vibration you want. Just enter the menu and press the button to confirm the operation. And the reminder duration setting can be entered manually.

4.After the last day of work, close all pagers with one click

A suitable pager can give customers a good impression of the restaurant's service. If you are also looking for a pager that suits your restaurant, we believe it will not let you down.


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