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Wireless Pager System Save Your Charging Outlets in Food Truck

Wireless Pager System Save Your Charging Outlets in Food Truck

Wireless Pager System Save Your Charging Outlets in Food Truck

For many food trucks, there are always a trouble about few charging outlets that can be equipped. So each electrical appliance should save as much space as possible for the charging ports. If the pager system you used is too large or needs many charging adapters, there will be a backlog of space for other more important appliances helpers.

Retekess TD164 is a tiny coaster but good quality wireless paging system that only requires a charging adapter, which is suitable for food truck with few charging outlets. Let’s see the functions it has!

As our customers feedback, there are not a lot of outlets on the food truck, which makes them have to worry about the number of plugs for paging system. TD164 solves this problem very well! It connects the calling keypad and the charging base in parallel, so that only one charging plug is needed for using.

Basic Functions of TD164 Food Truck Pager System

Mutiple pagers: feel free to add as many extra pagers as you want. The pager ID of TD164 can be set from 001 to 998.

2 prompt modes: first is vibration + buzzer + flash and second one is vibration + flash

Long-distance: paging system TD164 can reach 800m in open areas

Long standby time: pager can be used for up to 30 hours on a full charge

Guests can stop the reminder after receiving a call so that beep will not bother or annoying

Viewed 10 calling records, helps to check and avoid missing.

Two Charging Ways of Pager System for Food Truck

Charging can be connected to the host and the charging base, charging pagers while using keypad.

It can also be plugged in to the charging base directly, during the rest time. This will only charge for pagers without using keypad.

If there are more than 10 pagers, you can purchase the charging base separately, and we will attach a Type-C charging cable. It can also be connected in series with the keyboard and the first charging base.

All in all, TD164 is an ideal wireless paging system for food truck. There is one more thing to pay attention that using the keypad transmitter on the table which is made of wood, plastic, glass, and other materials, and avoid the tabletop of metal and marble. Otherwise it will interfere with the signal or damage the product.

This is all about the pager system TD164. For more information or to purchase this product, please click here. What’s more, feel free to contact us online in the lower right corner or send us an email at support@retekess.com

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