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Popular Restaurant Pager System for the Holiday Season

Popular Restaurant Pager System for the Holiday Season

Popular Restaurant Pager System for the Holiday Season

When the Holiday Season arrives, many restaurants are greeted with crowds and frantic orders. Do you already have a way to deal with these anxiously waiting customers? Have you considered using the technology to help your employees process orders more efficiently? Retekess, a brand worthy of your trust, recommends paging systems suitable for different types of restaurants. Let's see how does TD157 pager system work in restaurants.

Characters of TD157 Pagers for Restaurants

  • Easy to pair

Ease of operation is the first step to increasing efficiency in restaurants.

TD157 Pairing mode is F2. You can press DEL and CALL to enter the setting. And then press 2 to enter F2. Now it shows 000 on the screen. Input the number you want, and the last number flashing on the screen is the number which is paired with pager. Take the pager out of the charging base is okay. What’s more, it’s better to set them one by one in case of mistakes.   

  • Working range

TD157 working range is 300 meters (about 984 ft), which can meet most need of restaurants. Antenna in the package can help the pager system boost the signal.

  • Two prompt modes

  • First is only flash; second is flash+beep.

The first one suitable for quiet environment, such as church and church nursery. The second one suitable for noisy and busy restaurants and food hall in shopping mall.

  • Many to one calling

The same ID of keypads can be paired the same one pager so that you can call this pager with 2 stations at the different places.

You set it once at the beginning, make these 2 keypads ID the same. The pagers will work with both 2 transmitter keypads.

Add extra pagers

You can add extra pager up to 998, which meet your need for more pagers during Holiday Season.

Wireless Pager System Suits for Restaurants and F&B

  • Restaurants

Using paging systems to pick up meal in time so that food can still maintain hot and fresh  If you need to move people from one station to another. It’s also easy for TD157 to achieve.

  • Food truck

Keypad together with the charging station. It’s convenient for food truck owners, which save the charging space

  • Food hall in shopping mall

Staff can focus on the orders and don’t need to yell out customers’ names. Customers can walk around nearby and distract their attention and reduce waiting anxiety.

TD157 is a nice pager system for restaurants. It is not only used in F&B industry, but also in church nursery, office and clinic where need queuting solution and communicaton calling. Buy now to enjoy the discount! We have special offer for white version-- discount 28%

For more information, please click here and feel free to email us at support@retekess.com   

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