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TD103 long range paging system coaster pager

Restaurant pager TD103 range up to 1200M in open area

Each TD103 paging system could add up to 98 pagers

Waiting buzzer has 7 prompt modes


Retekess T119 coaster pagers, one keypad transmitter could work with 999 coaster pagers, and one pager can work with up to 5 keypad transmitters.(Note: If one pager work with more than one keypad transmitters, the pager must pair the same number with the keypad transmitters.)


Built-in 3.7V 300mAh rechargeable lithium battery, charging full time only need 4h

Buzzing /vibrating /flashing lights can be chosen freely

Flash when charging, but light when charging full, it is easy to know the charging condition

the number can be any from 1-999


Extra Pager for T116  T116A Paging System;

4 prompt mode, and very easy to set up;

Pairing in a few simple steps;

Small size and lightweight, make it easy to carry and put in the pocket

The dimension of the pager: 104*50*8mm

The Paper insert size: 40*80mm


Retekess T115 extra pager, the pager is suitable for T115 Pager System

Rechargeable pager and last a long time

2 Prompt ways: vibration+beep+flashing, vibration+flashing

Can customize the logo of the pager

The dimension of the pager: 106*53*9mm

The Paper insert size: 37*85mm

Note: these pagers can only be used with the latest version of the T115 keypad transmitter 


Retekess beeper for Retekess Tivdio T111 T112 SU-68G-10 pager system

3 Prompt modes: Vibration or Buzzer or Vibration with Buzzer Easy pairing

Easy to charge, Small size, and Lightweight making it easy to carry

Can customize the logo

The Paper insert size: 35*65mm


Extra pager for Retekess T113 pager system

T113 pager has 2 working mode: Vibration with light, beeper with light;

Can change the working mode time up to 35s;

IP32 waterproof;

Can customize the logo of the pager

The dimension of the pager: 103*51*10mm

The Paper insert size: 3.5*6.5mm


Retekess TD157 extra pager

Prompt time can be changed from 1-99S

2 Prompt ways : Light + Bepp +Light

Touch keypad transmitter, more sensitive and waterproof

Can customize the logo


Extra pager for Retekess TD172 Pager System

The Paper insert size: 37*76mm

The dimension of the pager: 105*51*11mm


Extra pagers for Retekess TD157 paging system

Prompt time can be changed from 1-99S

2 Prompt ways : Light + Bepp +Light

Touch keypad transmitter, more sensitive and waterproof

The most important is that you can customize the logo


Retekess Table Location System helps you deliver food faster and fresher, for a more satisfying customer experience. Once guests order their food, simply hand them a guest tag and the smart tracker system does the rest. It consists with positioning receiver, wireless location host,wireless locator and display terminal.


Support 1920x1080 resolution HD Play; Dynamic memory allocation support; Adopts 2.42GHz dual core J1800 CPU; Double 15.6 inch screen design; Built in dual channel 24bit LVDS pin.

Retekess TD176 Touching POS system All-in-one machine With double screen Collecting money and playing the advertisement Improve work efficiency

80mm printer with Autocutter function Print width :79.5±0.5mm Paper Width:3 1/8" (80mm) No need for ribbon/ink Fast printing of text and images, Long-lasting auto-cutter up to 1million cuts. It supports Windows /Linux software based on ESC/POS command High efficiency with auto cutter and the fastest printing speed--160mm/sec, Support cash drawer, low noise,support kitchen printing


Extra pager for Retekess TD163 pager system

Each keypad transmitter can add up to 998 pagers

The rechargeable pager is built-in a 3.7V 300mAh rechargeable lithium battery

Weight: 46g/1.62oz



Extra pager for TD159 alphanumeric pager system

Each keypad can add up to 1999 pagers

Pager size: Φ105*16 mm


Retekess T118 restaurant pager system support 998 pagers in total One-button to shut down all the coaster pager system Notice mode: vibration with flash and buzzer; flash and vibration Range up to 500m in the open area cancel the call by press mute on pager 10 records function


The pager is only suitable for Retekess T118 Wireless Coaster Pager System,.

Retekess T118 restaurant pager system support 998 pagers