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Guest Paging System

Retekess offers a range of reliable and user-friendly guest paging systems for restaurants, hotels, and other businesses. Efficiently manage waiting times and improve the overall customer experience with our good-quality devices. With Retekess guest pager system, elevate your guest experience and streamline communication between your staff and guests. Our wireless paging system is efficient, reliable, and easy to use. Wireless paging system for restaurants enables customers to alert staff when their food is ready, while the pager system for businesses helps staff to stay informed of customer requests and comments.

If the number of pagers in the pager system you purchased is 50 or more, we will customize the logo for you for free. Please contact us if you need it, and we will communicate with you in time to meet your requirements!

Retekess coaster pager

The separate design of the charging base and the keypad transmitter and simple operation allow users to use it more flexibly. Pager numbers are digital and can be reprogrammed on site. The stacked charging design makes it save more space. A charging base can charge 10-20 pagers, which is more conducive to adding additional pagers. Different sizes and quantities of pagers are available for you to choose from.

Retekess restaurant pager system

There is a larger logo space on the pagers. You can change the sticker with your logo as needed. This helps you promote your brand and can also be used to display promotional information. The stable charging base design makes it easier to pick up and charge. In addition, these types of products are more cost-effective.

Retekess longe range pager

Retekess Long Range System using FM technology, the distance can reach 800-1200 meters in the open area, which can meet the needs of large-scale or long-queuing businesses for long-distance requests. These products have more stable signals, stronger penetrating power, and greater vibration amplitude. If you have specific needs for distance, these will be your best choices.

Retekess guest pagers

All Retekess pager systems allow you to increase the number of pagers according to the expansion of your business. No matter if you lost it, want to replace the old one, or need to add a new pager, you can choose any number of pagers corresponding to the model of your existing pager system.

Retekess guest pager charging base
You can find all the replaceable parts of the Retekess Pager system (keypad transmitter, pagers, charging base, antenna). It can also be matched with a repeater. You can find it here.
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Wireless calling system automatically starts up while charging, easy to operate

Wireless to code, 1-998 code was available

Seven-pager mode user-defined was available, beep vibrate flash combined randomly

Four keyboard mode was available, mute beep vibrate combined randomly

Inquire the last 10 records function by pressing ∧ key or ∨ key on the keyboard

Pagers can be instantly powered off by pressing the 999+call key on the keyboard

Support fast and slow ringtone settings


$199.99 $179.99

Charging Base is only suitable for Retekess TD 168 Pager System 

Equipped with charging plug,can be used in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, and Australia


Three 0.25 inch digital tube display

Standby time 25 hours

Reminder duration is adjustable from 0-250s


Two independent keypads for calling from different areas

Three call modes can be set

Worry-free working distance 400m/1312ft (in open area)

Press the "cancel" key to cancel an erroneous call with one click

Call history available on the keypad

$340.99 $309.99

Separate keyboard transmitter for TD177 Matrices Paging System

Waterproof and oilproof

Three charging methods

4 shortcut keys, one-click operation


Charging cable of retekess TD112 waiter call system watch pager

More convenient and efficient


Comprehensively upgraded paging system, wall-mounted design saves space

Over-range alarm function, 03-30min adjustable,anti-lost

Group calling function, all pagers can be called at the same time

Automatic repeat call function to avoid customers missing your call

One key to changing all pager ID numbers, ease and convenience

Equipped with USB cable, free protocol file integration function

IP67 water-proof, made of PC material, which is drop-proof, durable, waterproof, and oil-proof


$169.99 $159.99

T112 Wireless Guest Paging System for restaurants, hotels, and hosptials

3 alert modes: vibration+beep+flashing lights, beep+flashing lights, vibration+flashing lights 

Long press 9 one button to turn off all buzzers

1 to 0 buttons and 3-digit display, enter the number and press CALL to send a signal

Supports up to 999 Pagers

Offer free customized service for purchasing more than 50 pagers

There is a hole on the top of the pager for string threading


$229.99 $209.99

Practical and cost-effective pager system

Strong flexibility, can call in two places at the same time, match with T119 keyboard

Call a pager with only one press of the corresponding button, saving time

2-3 hours charging time, and standby time is 24 hours

Reach 500m in open area and about 150-500m in buildings

Widely used in restaurants, food truck, coffee shops, church nurseries, logistic centers, hospital, 4S shop, text center, card tournament, and so on

$239.99 $219.99

Durable anti-fall strip

IP67 waterproof for worry-free use

800m/2624ft ultra-long coverage plus stable wall-penetrating signal

Expandable keypads or pagers for multi-location calling

Low battery reminder, safer to use

$299.99 $269.99

Touch keyboard, sensible and comfortable to use

Pager surface content customizable

Pager reminder duration can be set separately

Power on automatically and support the one-click shutdown

Using AM modulation technology, the signal is stronger and more stable

The shape adopts the anti-symmetrical design, white simple and generous


$139.99 $109.99

Portable and easy-to-use food buzzer system

7 prompt modes,any combination of vibration/ringtone/flash

Can view 10 call records

4 keypad modes

500m/1640ft pager range in open areas

$82.99 $74.99

Support cross-border alarm prompts to avoid loss of pagers

Comes with 24 pagers and can add up to 999 pagers

Independent anti-aging transmitter keypad, support multi-window or mobile

Various reminder modes such as ring tone, vibration, and light are optional

Reminder time can be set from 0 to 250 seconds

Enter the number 999 and CALL can turn off all pagers at once


$300.99 $290.99

IP67 waterproof and easy to clean with ABS material

Long-distance transmission capability of 800 meters or 2624ft

Anti-drop feature with silicone strip, ensuring no worries about falling

Impressive standby time of up to 48 hours

"Lo" display warns of low battery, preventing work accidents due to depleted batteries

Offers 7 reminder modes with adjustable prompt time, including flash, vibrate, and beep options

Includes service countdown alert and out of range alert features for added convenience


$459.99 $439.99

Long-range pager 2624ft/800m/0.497 miles in the open area

2 prompt modes: vibration+beep+flash and vibration+flash

300mAh rechargeable battery; standby for up to 20 hours

With a larger pager and longer charging piles, more stable when charging

Self-inspection function, make sure that the pagers being handed out are working

Customers can press the mute button to turn off the prompt sound on the way to pick up their meal


Buy one unit get one pager for free. For example:

if you choose "20 pagers", you will receive 20+1 pagers.

If you choose "30 pagers", you will receive 30+1 pagers.

$339.99 $280.99

Reach distances of 1312-1640ft/400-500M in open areas and 328-984ft/100-300M indoors for seamless communication

Allow customers to wait comfortably in designated areas or their vehicles, enhancing their experience

Plug and Play; Easy setup with no complex configurations required, making it user-friendly and hassle-free

7 prompt modes: vibration buzzer and flash can be combined at will

Charge 20 pagers at the same time, facilitating business expansion and smooth operations

Adjustable reminder time; Personalize the pager's reminder time between 0-250 seconds or set it to always remind, ensuring timely alerts


Buy one unit get one pager for free. For example:

if you choose "20 pagers", you will receive 20+1 pagers.

If you choose "30 pagers", you will receive 30+1 pagers.

$239.99 $226.99

3 prompt modes: Vibration+Flashing/ Buzzer+Flashing/ Vibration+Buzzer+Flashing

Max add 999 coaster pager receivers

Working distance: 984-1640ft (300-500 meters)

Cancel calling the wrong number with one key to reduce mistakes

Made of pc material, more robust, durable, and antibacterial can be wiped with alcohol wipes

Note: Avoid using the keypad on a table made of metal or marble. Please use the keypad transmitter on a desktop made of wood, plastic, glass, etc.


$318.99 $269.99

Super long-distance: communication distance of 5 kilometers

Touch buttons, offline keyboard input, support serial port connection to computer

Alphanumeric Text: Send full-text messages of 56 characters in large buildings with 5 km coverage and no interference

Create up to 9 predefined messages

Support PC software operation (no monthly fee) and customized software services

Helper in scheduling, quickly notifies drivers and crews

Overhead PA speaker system eliminated

Minimizes staff response time and machine downtime

Reduce labor costs and improve storage and distribution efficiency


Different keyboards can call the same pager, supporting calling customers from different areas

Working distance 400m in open area

7 reminder methods, any combination of vibration, buzzer, and light

Set prompt length and cross-border reminder to prevent pager loss

Add up to 998 pagers

$349.99 $325.99

Two keypads to make calls from two different areas

Suitable for restaurants, large catering receptions, theme parks, barbecues, beer gardens, etc

Long distance pager 800m/2624 ft in open area

Pager out-of-range reminder function to prevent loss

IP67 waterproof, rugged and durable

$529.99 $499.99