Guest Paging System

Retekess offers a range of reliable and user-friendly guest paging systems for restaurants, hotels, and other businesses. Efficiently manage waiting times and improve the overall customer experience with our good-quality devices. With Retekess guest pager system, elevate your guest experience and streamline communication between your staff and guests. Our wireless paging system is efficient, reliable, and easy to use. Wireless paging system for restaurants enables customers to alert staff when their food is ready, while the pager system for businesses helps staff to stay informed of customer requests and comments.

If the number of pagers in the pager system you purchased is 50 or more, we will customize the logo for you for free. Please contact us if you need it, and we will communicate with you in time to meet your requirements!

Retekess coaster pager

The separate design of the charging base and the keypad transmitter and simple operation allow users to use it more flexibly. Pager numbers are digital and can be reprogrammed on site. The stacked charging design makes it save more space. A charging base can charge 10-20 pagers, which is more conducive to adding additional pagers. Different sizes and quantities of pagers are available for you to choose from.

Retekess restaurant pager system

There is a larger logo space on the pagers. You can change the sticker with your logo as needed. This helps you promote your brand and can also be used to display promotional information. The stable charging base design makes it easier to pick up and charge. In addition, these types of products are more cost-effective.

Retekess longe range pager

Retekess Long Range System using FM technology, the distance can reach 800-1200 meters in the open area, which can meet the needs of large-scale or long-queuing businesses for long-distance requests. These products have more stable signals, stronger penetrating power, and greater vibration amplitude. If you have specific needs for distance, these will be your best choices.

Retekess guest pagers

All Retekess pager systems allow you to increase the number of pagers according to the expansion of your business. No matter if you lost it, want to replace the old one, or need to add a new pager, you can choose any number of pagers corresponding to the model of your existing pager system.

Retekess guest pager charging base
You can find all the replaceable parts of the Retekess Pager system (keypad transmitter, pagers, charging base, antenna). It can also be matched with a repeater. You can find it here.
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7 call modes can be set to turn vibration/sound/light on or off at will

Black paint process, stylish and easy to clean

Use multiple keypads to call pagers when calling from different locations

Compact and easy to hold with mute button

View ten call number history records

 Buy one unit get one pager for free. For example:

if you choose "10 pagers", you will receive 10+1 pagers.

If you choose "20 pagers", you will receive 20+1 pagers and so on.

$149.99 $139.99

Extra pager for Retekess TD163 pager system

Each keypad transmitter can add up to 998 pagers

The rechargeable pager is built-in a 3.7V 300mAh rechargeable lithium battery

Weight: 46g/1.62oz


Note: Shippment within 5 business days


Extra pager for TD159 alphanumeric pager system

Each keypad can add up to 1999 pagers

Pager size: Φ105*16 mm

Note: Shipment within 5 business days


Simple and easy to use, the sound is clearer, the dual speakers have their own sound boards, and support any 3.5mm jack headphones or devices to be plugged in

A variety of optional voices can be set to call 1-99 times

Quick cycle time setting - no worries about missed calls

TD101 Dual Speaker Wireless Queue Call System

It can be placed on a table or hung on the wall

Numbers on the screen can flip according to gravity

Transmission distance: about 100m/328ft in open area; 30-50m/100-165ft obstacle course

$124.99 $105.99

Retekess TD173 extra pager, the pager is suitable for TD173 Pager System

Rechargeable pager and last a long time

3 Prompt ways: Beep and Vibration and LED Flash

Can customize the logo of the pager

The dimension of the pager: 100*50*10mm

The Paper insert size: 79.5*47mm

Note: these pagers can only be used with the latest version of the TD173 keypad transmitter 


Original keypad transmitter for TD183 long range paging system

Transmitter distance 2624ft/800m in the open area

Keypad has 2 prompt modes: mute and beep

Support up to 20 buzzers to be charged at the same time, add up to 996 pagers

Provide US, EU, UK, and AU plugs

Press 999+call to turn off all buzzers at the same time

Note: Shipment within 5 business days


Pagers station with a smaller size for easy carry

Built-in external antenna, the working distance is about 300-500m/ 984-1640ft in the open area

One-pager can pair with more keypad transmitters

Note: ship it within 5 business days


Original Antenna for Retekess Pager System

Please select the correct model number of your guest paging system, otherwise, the antenna will not work

Note: Shipment within 5 business days and the antennas of some products may take 5-7 days to prepare after placing an order, please arrange your time accordingly.


Retekess Original Pagers For TD175&TD175P Paging System

7 prompt methods: vibration/buzzer/flashlight, suit for usage environment;

Children in church nurseries can be called using vibration-only mode;

Restaurant buzzer reminder time 1-999s adjustable

Works up to 500m/1640ft in open areas; can keep customers waiting in their cars

Long-term use: each buzzer has a built-in 200mAh lithium battery; it standby for about 15 hours


TD161R original transmitter keypad

working distance up to 500m in open area customers can sit in the car and wait for orders

Long standby time of 4 hours, with a built-in 1000mAh backup battery, without plugging in the power

One key shutdown function: 999+call

View 10 recent call records


Retekess TD166 Keypad Transmitter for Wireless Paging System for Manufacturing & Warehouses

Super long transmiting distance: communication distance of 5 kilometers

Touch buttons, offline keyboard input, support serial port connection to computer

Support 56 characters and max 9 fast text message sending

PC software operation and customized software services


Retekess TD166 extra pagers

Super long working distance: 5000 meters

Receive text message and reminding signals

Propmt modes: flash, vibration, beep and any combaination

Resistance to falling and dust-proof

Support 9998 pagers in all, 9999 number is used as out of range alarm

The Paper insert size: ɸ106mm


TH005 Wireless KeysFinder, Bluetooth Tracker, and Item Locator

For Keys, Bags, Wallet, Purses, Luggage, Pets collar, TV remote control, Glasses, and More;

Range: Indoor 50ft/15m. Outdoor 100ft/30m

Anti-lost keychain design, Scratchproof, shockproof, drop-resist, no deformation, easy to clean, compact design, Cost-efficient

IOS and Android Compatible.


Original Charger for Retekess Pager System

Please select the correct model number of your guest paging system, otherwise, the charger will not work

Note: Shipment within 5 business days


Retekess original keypad for TD164 Wireless Long Range Paging System 

Sensitive touch button design

Long transmission distance up to 800 meters

Note: Shippment within 5 business days


Original keypad & charging base for Retekess TD157 wireless paging system

Touch screen keypad

Easy to clean, convenient and practical


Each pager has a built-in 300mAh battery; which can be used for 20 hours

Working distance can reach 500M in the open area; giving guests more free space

7 prompt modes: vibration/buzzer/flashing lights, with any combination

Adjustable prompt time duration: 1-999s

Equipped with the anti-dumping bracket to avoid scattering

Not matched with TD161 white version


Retekess TD156 Keypad Transmitter for Long Range & Waterproof Paging System

ABS material, waterproof and easy to clean, suits for restaurants

Sensitive touch button design

Long transmission distance up to 800 meters.

Compact design saves space

Note: Shippment within 5 business days


Original transmitter keypad and charging base for TD163 wireless paging system

Touch keypad, more sensitive, splash-proof, and easy to clean

Working range can reach 1312-1640ft in open areas and 328-984ft indoors

One key shutdown function

Supports multiple transmitters with the same ID to call the same guest pager

Multiple sets of keyboards can be used in the same environment without being affected

Note: Shippment within 5 business days


Original TD172 keypad transmitter

The charger specifications will be equipped according to your country and region

Or you can remark the required specifications

Note: Shipping within 5 working days