Wireless Calling System for Restaurant

With a wireless calling system for restaurant, guests no longer need to raise their hands or yell for service, they just need to call the staff with a push button. The waiter will quickly provide the required service for customers by seeing the demand prompt from the display receiver or wrist watch pager.

Retekess signal transmitter: keypad, buttons, they are used to transmit call signals.
Retekess signal receivers: screen receivers, watch receivers, they are used to receive and display calls from buttons.

How does the Retekess service system work?

Keyboard call: Managers and supervisors or restaurant support staff can use the keypad transmitter to send a call signal to call employees, and employees can see the call information displayed on the watch.
Button call: Customers waiting for service can call staff through a button, and the call information can be displayed on the screen or watch.

In addition to restaurants (fast food, casual and fine dining ), cafes, hotels, and hospitals also benefit from using the wireless service calling system.