Tour Guide System

Affordable prices

Affordable prices

Economical tour guide system won't cost you a penny more

Crystal clear audio

Crystal clear audio

Advanced PLL technology ensures signal stability

Best tour guide system

Best tour guide system

Easy to use, portable, durable, multiple charging options

Warranty and Returns

Warranty and Returns

30-day no-reason return, 2-year warranty, lifetime technical support

Tour Guide System | Whisper Radios

Tour guide equipment is a tour guide microphone and speaker for wireless communications, that allow presenters to communicate clearly with visitors - without being affected by ambient noise or distance.

Tour guide system wireless is ideal for museums, factory tours, segway tours, attractions, and other applications that require clear, uninterrupted audio communication between the guide and the audience. With the audio tour guide equipment, guides don't have to yell or repeat themselves over background noise, tourists don't have to congregate next to the guide, and they are free to explore and move around.

Retekess tour guide system by Models

Tour guide microphone system is used to transmit audio from the presenter to the visitor, allowing clear communication between groups. The tour guide system equipment is ideal for tour guiding, plant tours, translation, and training. Tour guide whispers into a microphone and visitors easily hear through headphones.

Retekess tour guide system additional transmitters

The portable transmitter in the tour guide systems includes a microphone, charging cable and lanyard. The presenter of the group event speaks into the transmitter's microphone, and the audience listens through the receiver. A portable FM transmitter can be used with numerous audio receivers.

Retekess tour guide system additional receivers

The tour guide system receiver includes headphones, charging cable and lanyard, and these user-friendly accessories are comfortable and secure when worn. One team supports countless receivers, which you can purchase directly as needed.

Retekess tour guide system accessories

Retekess tour guide system 32-port, 40-port, 60-port, 64-port charging case, and other accessories such as microphone and headphones.

Retekess wireless guide system is portable, durable, and easy to use, which is a better way to provide tour guide service for your groups. The audio tour guide system is an ideal solution to communication problems over long distances and in noisy environments.

Below are the different models and different combinations of wireless audio tour guide systems, if you want to get a quick overview of the differences between the different models, click here to check by model.

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TT021 charging case has 32 slots for charging up to 32 TT125 audio guide devices at the same time.

The charging case with charging contacts, makes it easy to charge your device by simply placing it in the groove. Say goodbye to cumbersome charging port alignment and insertion.


AM FM radio with earphone Battery operated FM radio Key lock function


Each transmitter and receiver has holes, just connect the lanyard to the holes and and hang it comfortably around your neck, freeing your hands.
Suitable for all models of Retekess tour guide systems.
Lanyard length 51 cm/20.1 inch.
Durable and soft.
Washable, no color fading.

$19.99 $13.99

-- Carry case with 50 individual slots, for 50 TT117 TT118 devices

-- Size 370*340*110mm/14.56*13.38*4.33 inch

-- Ruggedized case prevents accidental bumps or drops


TT122 is a 2.4G tour guide system, it can be used all over the world freely

It can reach 150 meters in an open area

It has one key pair with all receivers

One key mute transmitter

One key turns off all receivers in the same channel 36 channels, you can feel free to use in one location with many groups.


This single-side hook headset is suitable for T131, TT101, TT104, and TT122 receivers

You can choose the left ear or right ear according to your habits or preferences

The sponge cover on the earphone can be replaced, which is more hygienic and

easy to clean