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Tour Guide System

Affordable prices

Affordable prices

Economical tour guide system won't cost you a penny more

Crystal clear audio

Crystal clear audio

Advanced PLL technology ensures signal stability

Best tour guide system

Best tour guide system

Easy to use, portable, durable, multiple charging options

Warranty and Returns

Warranty and Returns

30-day no-reason return, 2-year warranty, lifetime technical support

Tour Guide System | Whisper Radios

Tour guide equipment is a tour guide microphone and speaker for wireless communications, that allow presenters to communicate clearly with visitors - without being affected by ambient noise or distance.

Tour guide system wireless is ideal for museums, factory tours, segway tours, attractions, and other applications that require clear, uninterrupted audio communication between the guide and the audience. With the audio tour guide equipment, guides don't have to yell or repeat themselves over background noise, tourists don't have to congregate next to the guide, and they are free to explore and move around.

Retekess tour guide system by Models

Tour guide microphone system is used to transmit audio from the presenter to the visitor, allowing clear communication between groups. The tour guide system equipment is ideal for tour guiding, plant tours, translation, and training. Tour guide whispers into a microphone and visitors easily hear through headphones.

Retekess tour guide system additional transmitters

The portable transmitter in the tour guide systems includes a microphone, charging cable and lanyard. The presenter of the group event speaks into the transmitter's microphone, and the audience listens through the receiver. A portable FM transmitter can be used with numerous audio receivers.

Retekess tour guide system additional receivers

The tour guide system receiver includes headphones, charging cable and lanyard, and these user-friendly accessories are comfortable and secure when worn. One team supports countless receivers, which you can purchase directly as needed.

Retekess tour guide system accessories

Retekess tour guide system 32-port, 40-port, 60-port, 64-port charging case, and other accessories such as microphone and headphones.

Retekess wireless guide system is portable, durable, and easy to use, which is a better way to provide tour guide service for your groups. The audio tour guide system is an ideal solution to communication problems over long distances and in noisy environments.

Below are the different models and different combinations of wireless audio tour guide systems, if you want to get a quick overview of the differences between the different models, click here to check by model.

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Transmitter can work for 10 hours with 5 hours of charging; the receiver can work for 8~9 hours with 2 hours of charging.

Wireless communication distance 200m

UHF transmission reduces noise to improve sound clarity

Ear-hook receiver can be worn on the left or right ear

Audio guide system is lightweight and portable

Automatic channel synchronization


Used with T130P transmitter, working distance up to 160m/525ft

Working time up to 36 hours after full charge

Adjustable volume

D-shape earphone, suitable for left and right ears

Type-C charging and contact charging


Chip noise reduction level 1-4

Transmitter working range up to 160 meters

Working time up to 20 hours

One-key frequency pairing, one-key shutdown receiver and one-key mute

The T130P tourguide system transmitter works best with the T131P receiver, but is also compatible with the T131S and T131 receivers


Long-range FM transmitter up to large 1 km/3280 ft.

Professional PLL modulation system to make the transmitter work stably.

TR509 transmitter supports simultaneous microphone and AUX input.

Digital FM radio with advanced DSP technology, stable signal, and clear sound quality.

Pocket FM radio receiver works with FM transmitter, unlimited number of receivers can be connected to the transmitter.

  • The TT117 transmitter will broadcast a speaker’s voice on one of seventeen available channels, 72-76 MHz, to listeners using a TT118 receiver. 
  • Supports one-key locking of transmitter and one-key muting of transmitter
  • The wireless translation system supports stereo-mode transmission
  • 2 AA battery-powered
  • The transmitter supports external audio input and AUX audio input
  • Application scenarios: conference translation, church sermons, simultaneous interpretation, etc.
$203.99 $169.99

Charge up to 30 TT116 transmitters and receivers simultaneously

The charging case supports one-touch pairing of transmitters and receivers


This D-shaped headset is suitable for T131STT122TT110TT102 receiver

Both left and right ears can wear

Excellent durability and good sound quality

Made of soft rubber material, comfortable to wear and easy to clean


This microphone is suitable for TT109 tour guide system transmitter
Universal 3.5mm standard plug
Flexible, adjustable headset angle
Comfortable and durable, made of high-quality materials
High-fidelity sound quality, clear and loud sound
Lightweight for easy storage and portability

Note: This headset is only compatible with the TT109 transmitter, not suit for other models of tour guide transmitters.


60 ports for receivers , 2 pcs fortransmitters, 58 pcs receivers

Suit for T130, TT110.TT101 

Hard and not easy to deform

  • Size: 370*340*110mm/14.56*13.38*4.33 inch


Retekess 3.5mm Universal Headset for Tour guide system T130 T131, TT103 TT104,  TT105, TT109, TT101, TT102.


Disposable headset for retekess T131, T131S, TT122, TT109, TT110, TT101, TT104 ,TT116 wireless tour guide systems

The single-sided headset allows users to safely keep one ear open to surrounding activity while listening to audio

Can be worn in both the left and right ear, and is suitable for people with hearing loss in one ear

Thicker cable for durability; sleek and stylish appearance; earbuds fit comfortably

Cable length is 600mm/23.62in

Provides crystal clear sound

3.5 mm audio jack


48 ports for 2P cs fortransmitters and 48 pcs receivers

Suit for TT116, TT105, TT109,TT106,TT104, and TT122

Hard and not easy to deform

  • Size: 370*340*110mm/14.56*13.38*4.33 inch


The TT015 charging case has 32 slots and can charge 32 Retekess TT122 audio guide devices at the same time

Note: This charging case is only suitable for the TT122 tour guide system with a Type C jack, please confirm whether your TT122 system is compatible before purchasing.


Operates in the UHF band, with strong penetration and stable signal

Transmitter to receiver transmission distance up to 200 m

The transmitter charges for 5 h and can work continuously for 10 h

Support MIC and AUX input at the same time

Easy to use and set up


Compact and lightweight ear hook receiver for both left and right ears

UHF transmission, strong penetration, signal stability

The receiver is fully charged in 2 h and can work for 8~9 h

Adjust the volume freely


Silent disco headphones with stereo and Hi-Fi Sound Quality

3 channels with 3 different color LED lights

Rechargeable and last 6-8 hours for continuous use with fully charged

Range up to 200m


Wireless microphone for Computer, Speaker, Voice Amplifier, Karaoke Machine, FM

Transmitter, Window Intercom System, PA System, Camera, and Public Speech

Automatic pairing

Rechargeable and 8 hours of continuous work

3.5mm connection and comes with a 6.5mm adaptor

Stereo mode without distortion, range up to 50m


The transmitter belongs to TT106 Tour Guide system.

The transmitter cannot be used alone, it needs to be used together with the TT106 receiver.

Tour guide transmitter has a mute function.

Working time up to 25h after fully charged.


This charging case has 45 slots for charging up to 45 TT126 devices at the same time.

The charging case with charging contacts, makes it easy to charge your device by simply placing it in the groove. Say goodbye to cumbersome charging port alignment and insertion.


TT021 charging case has 32 slots for charging up to 32 TT125 audio guide devices at the same time.

The charging case with charging contacts, makes it easy to charge your device by simply placing it in the groove. Say goodbye to cumbersome charging port alignment and insertion.