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Retekess T130 Transmitter Tour Guide Systems Church Translation

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Retekess T130 tour guide system support one transmitter work with hundreds of receivers at the same time.

Most cost-effective and most popular transmitter and receiver

Best choice for church translation

It has a lightweight and small size, stable, and crystal clear audio quality.

Multi-channel streaming and long-time continuous usage could be used as communication tools as well as simultaneous translation.

tour guide system

Retekess T130 tour guide system transmitter working with T130 receiver

This Tour guide system transmitter adopts PLL synthesized design, with high-frequency stability, fewer signal interfaces or statics, provides a clear, static-free transmission. It is the most cost-effective and most popular tour guide system. And it is also the best choice for church translation.

Product Advantages

Long battery life

DC 5V 1A USB Charging Dock.

Tour guide transmitter 900mAh lithium battery of transmitter works for 12h

PLL Technology for stable signal

Tour guide transmitter worked great with almost no interference, If you use it in the courtroom, the next room with no interruption or decrease in sound quality

Lightweight design

Lavalier microphone release your hands, Light Weight, compact design, 58g net weight; easy to handhold, long lanyard design for the transmitter, can be hung on neck, long enough cable for the microphone easy to put into your pants pocket

Main features

Distance of T130 tour guide system

Transmission distance is about 50m/164ft in an open area, it can be used for many occasions

Support Mono One Way Audio Input

Audio transmission can be achieved by connecting the transmitter and various audio devices with headphone jacks by using a 3.5mm AUX cable (not included

Top 99 Channels Groups

T130 tour guide system has 99 channels

The interpretation system has 99 IDs which allow 99 groups working at the same time in the range,

Can match any number of receivers according to your needs

tour guide system

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Frequency range 195-230MHz
Channel 99 channels
Frequency response 50Hz-18000Hz
Frequency stability +/-0.005%
Modulation deviation +/-75KHz
Power supply Built-in 900mAh lithium battery
Working hours 12 hours
Charge DC 5V 1A, mini USB jack
Working distance 60m (196ft)
Size 99 x 56 x 14mm / 3.9 x 2.2 x 0.5 in
Weight 58g / 0.13lb


1X Transmitter

1X Charging cable

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