Hotel SPA and Salon

Push for Service Calling System Used in Hotels SPA and Salon

Hotels, Clubs, SPAs, and Salons are good places for people to spend their holidays and leisure. They can help release the pressure of work and life. Providing customers with good services and creating a more comfortable environment is essential for these leisure and entertainment venues because this will directly affect the customer experience, which in turn affects the reputation and benefits of the business. Retekesss service calling system can help companies improve service levels and work efficiency, reduce labor costs, save management costs, and improve overall revenue. The better your guests feel, the better it is for business.

After the push for service system is installed, customers in need no longer need to shout or wave their hands to attract the attention of the waiter. They only need to press the call button to transmit the signal to the staff, so that the staff will respond in time. Reduce customer frustration caused by not being able to get help in time, and further improve customer satisfaction. At the same time, the call button can also be installed in the reception area, entertainment area, or areas where waiters are not often available, or in some external areas such as hotels and salons. 

Build a more convenient and efficient communication channel for customers and employees, and create a more comfortable leisure and entertainment environment. On the premise of providing customers with instant service, making customers have a more pleasant experience, and also helping to increase consumption.

In addition, the installation of call buttons in some VIP suites can also avoid excessively disturbing guests. Employees do not have to check the needs of customers all the time, which helps reduce the pressure on customers and staff. Provide customers with a more private and relaxing space.

If you want to provide more free movement space for customers waiting in line, you can choose the Retekess wireless guest pager system, where customers can take a pager to hang out or take a rest. When it comes to the turn, employees can remind customers through the pager, so that customers can be notified in time, make full use of their time, and enjoy their vacation

Retekess push for service system will help hotels, clubs, SPAs, and other businesses to provide customers with more comprehensive and detailed services, and further enhance business.


  • Improve overall profit
  • Reduce staff response times
  • Create a more tranquil atmosphere
  • Provide reliable and personalized service
  • Offer discreet, immediate communication

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