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Best-seller Wireless Paging Systems for Restaurants

Best-seller Wireless Paging Systems for Restaurants

Best-seller Wireless Paging Systems for Restaurants

Paging systems can be used to bring orders into a restaurant. These systems have become critical in the past few months, due to busy time in the holiday season. Restaurant paging systems help the operator and manager to better run the restaurant.

1. Guest Paging System

Retekess guest pagers are electronic devices used in restaurants, cafes, and other service industries to notify customers when their table or order is ready. The pager works by receiving a signal from a transmitter that is typically located at the hostess stand or in the kitchen.

When a customer is waiting for a table or their order, they are given a pager with a unique number displayed on it. The hostess or server then enters this number into the transmitter, which sends a signal to the corresponding pager. The pager will vibrate, flash, or make a sound to alert the customer that their table or order is ready.

Guest pagers are convenient for both customers and staff as they allow for more efficient communication and reduce wait times. They also provide a more discreet notification method compared to traditional calling out of names or numbers. Overall, Retekess guest pagers are user-friendly and effective tools for improving customer experience in busy establishments.

Retekess T112 pager system for restaurant

The first system is the customer paging system which allows the host to notify a guest when their table or meal is ready. Retekess best-seller model of the slim paging system is T112 pager system for restaurant. It is very suitable and affordable for the medium size of restaurants. T112 has the range of 200-300 meters and connected up to 999 pagers which meet the growth need of the restaurants. Its beep can be turned off from the stop button so it won't be too loud or disturb others.

Retekess long-range paging system TD156

What’s more, we also have upgraded the long-range paging system TD156 Coaster Pagers  . It can reach 800 meters and can cover a big restaurant or even outdoors. It is also waterproof and oil-proof which does not worry about oil contamination in restaurants. Additionally, TD156 adopts the IP67 material, so that can be cleaned with an alcohol wipe, which is also very suitable for restaurants during COVID. By using the guest paging system, you can call back the customers to pick up their meals timely so that the food will keep hot and fresh. And customers can walk around while waiting so that they not likely to get annoyed or impatiently.

Retekess queue wireless calling system TD165

With the ability to accommodate up to 999 pagers, this system allows restaurants to easily manage their waitlist and notify customers when their table is ready.

The wireless technology eliminates the need for customers to wait in crowded lobbies, allowing them to relax or explore nearby attractions while they wait. The coaster pagers are compact and easy to use, making them convenient for both staff and customers. Additionally, the system is customizable, allowing restaurants to personalize messages and notifications for a more personalized touch.

Overall, the Retekess TD165(SU-668) Wireless Coaster Paging and Queuing System is a must-have for any restaurant looking to streamline their operations and provide a top-notch dining experience for their patrons.

2. Kitchen to Waiters Paging System

Retekess kitchen to waiter paging system TD154

The second system is the staff paging system which allows staff to communicate with each other. For instance, a server can call the kitchen staff to communicate a customer’s order. You can choose the TD154 waiter calling system to improve the communication among them. TD154 paging system contains the watch pager TD112 and one keypad. Chefs in the kitchen can press the button on the keypad to call the watch pagers on the waiters’ wrists. Watch pagers will notify the waiters to pick up the meal timely. This will help the communication among kitchen and waiters. And improve the working efficiency and receive more customers.  

Retekess T128 Wireless Calling System 

The Retekess T128 Wireless Calling System is designed to enhance communication in restaurants, healthcare facilities, and hospitals. The system includes a T128 wrist receiver and T117 wireless call button. When a customer or patient needs assistance, they simply press the call button, which sends a signal to the wrist receiver worn by staff members. The receiver will vibrate and display the corresponding table or room number, allowing staff to quickly respond to the request. The system is easy to set up and operate, providing efficient and seamless communication between customers and staff. It improves customer service, reduces wait times, and enhances overall communication in busy environments.

3. Service Calling System

The third system allows customers to call wait staff when they need something. These systems help to reduce noise or inconvenience during dining. Therefore, instead of a customer shouting to get the attention of a server, they can discretely press a button and the staff is notified that a certain table needs assistance. Retekess wrist watch pager TD112 is a good choice. You can place the call buttons on the dining tables. Once the customer press the service call button, the watch pager will get the signal and notify the waiter to offer a hand. Retekess not only has the TD112 watch pager, but also has various call buttons, you can choose the appropriate button model according to your needs and use it with the watch receiver.

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