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Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Paging System

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Paging System

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Paging System

How do you choose the wireless paging system? Do you know which aspects need to take care of? Let’s look at a few factors you should consider when choosing a paging system for your restaurant.

Buy a restaurant paging system with a long transmission range of at least 200 meters. It’s even better if you can find one that offers an expandable transmission range. Retekess offer the classic model T112 its range is about 200-300meters. And we also have the long-range pagers TD156, for about 800 meters, and super long range 5 kilometers for the warehouse and manufacturing hub TD166 pager system.

Long-distance pagers can allow customers to have a more free range of activities, with no need to gather and wait in line. If you need a long-distance pager system, please click here and choose the model that suits your need.

  • 2. Quantity of pagers in a set

Different models of restaurant pagers come with several pagers in one set. Choose one which fits your restaurant. Retekess offer various choice for you so that please confirm the number of pagers included in the set when purchasing. If you need additional pagers, you can buy them at once.Additionally, you can contact us and we have customized offers for buying more than 50 pagers.

If the pagers are lost or damaged beyond the warranty period, you can find the original pagers on our website.

  • 3. Battery and Charging

You need to choose pager systems with a long battery life that are rechargeable to serve your restaurant for longer. Most of Retekess pagers has the chargeable battery for years.

Our guest paging system is divided into slim pagers and coaster pagers, and the slim paging system only needs a charging socket. Coaster paging system usually have two charging cables, and they have same charging jack. If your restaurant or food truck doesn’t have many charging outlets, don’t worry, Retekess TD164 guest paging system only uses 1 charging plug, and the keyboard and charging base can be charged in parallel through the USB interface. And there is no need to worry about the charging of extra pagers. If you buy more than 10 extra pagers, we will give you a charging base and charging cable. You can connect them in parallel to the first charger to charge them at the same time.

  • 4. Warranty Policy

We provide 30 days with no reason to return. Please ensure all the products are in the original conditions and provide us with relevant certificates (pictures or videos).

1. Receive the wrong items or the products have quality problems.
2. Not satisfied with the products within 30 days after you receive them.

For more information, please click here and visit our official website. Feel free to contact us by phone at +86-15639073051 or email at Our professional customer support team will patiently help you to select the suitable paging system.

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