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Daily Archives:December 30,2021

Wireless Call Button is the Icing on the Cake for Hotel

Retekess wireless call button helps hotel behave better during COVID period. Improve the efficiency and customers experience. Provide a channel for customers to quickly get their attention without shouting. At the same time, it also provides more privacy and personal space for customers in the room or dining. If you have any questions or needs, please feel free to contact us by email at  ...

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How to Choose Tour Guide System for Travel Agency

Retekess have many types of tour guide system, such as TT109, TT105, TT106, and so on. But each model has different features, such as long working range, 2 transmitters' support talk in one group. Email us to get the best solutions for your business.  ...

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Specially Designed Charging Cases for Tour Guide Systems

Here you will find detailed information about all types of charging cases for tour guide system from Retekess currently on the shelves. you can choose one or more of the most suitable charging cases for your tour guide system. It will help you to charge and store your tour guide system easily and quickly.  ...

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