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9 Reasons to Choose the Retekess TD103 Paging System

9 Reasons to Choose the Retekess TD103 Paging System

9 Reasons to Choose the Retekess TD103 Paging System

Guest Paging Systems are widely used in restaurants, hotels, retails, warehouses, churches, and many other places where need to wait in line or call in long distance.

There are many models of paging systems sold in the market. There are 9 reasons to choose the TD103 paging system.

1, Long Range

Retekess TD103 calling system adopts the FM technology, the signal is stronger and more stable. The range up to 1200m.

2, Waterproof

The TD103 guest paging system is designed with IP54 waterproof and dustproof. No worry about the customer accidentally sprinkled water or drink. Also the pagers are made of PC raw material, the surface is frosted, non-slip resistant.

3, Long Working Time

The pagers are built-in 500mAH lithium battery, it lasts 48 hours with fully charged. There is no worry about running out of power during work hours.

4, Out of Range Alarm

When the pager is exceeded the receive distance from the keyboard transmitter, the pager will ring and flash continuously let the customers know they could not go further. Also, we could set the prompt time from 0 to 30 minutes.

5, Multiple Reminder Function

If the customer receives the calling information but not go back to get the order within the preset time, the pager will remind again automatically.

6,7 Prompt modes

The TD103 paging system could be set to vibration, buzzing, flash and in any combination. Also, the prompt modes could be set as slow, medium and fast.

7, Low Battery Reminder

When the battery power of the pager is not sufficient, it will show LO instead of the modern number on the pager. All the customers could receive the call when their orders are ready.

8, Password Validation

The manager could set the password about the setting, it can prevent employee misuse. Only the person who knows the password and changes the settings.

9, One-key Shutdown

After the day's work, the staff can turn off all of the pagers by pressing number ZERO and CALL button on the keyboard. No need to waste time to turn off them one by one.

In addition, the TD103 paging system with high quality of pagers, which could increase the image of your business.

More information needed about Retekess Guest Paging System, welcome to email us at support@retekess.com.  

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