Why Retekess Service Calling System

Why Retekess Service Calling System

Why Retekess Service Calling System

The service calling system is widely used in the whole world. It consisted of a call button, watch receiver, display, and software.

It will improve the working efficiency for sure.  If you want to know more about it, plc check below.

What is the service calling system?

Wireless calling system adopts advanced wireless technology to solve the service between customer and waiter. This system allows the restaurant to provide the right service at the right time without interrupting the guest private conversation or provide a special waiter to check table requests time and time. Customers ensure that their attention has been notified such as call, water, bill, order, and pay- no more waving hands or yelling out for service. There is software in wrist watches, you can download date to your compute to assess waiter's working efficiency- How long do they provide the service. You can also set to getting service types such as water, pay, order and so on.

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Using subject:

      Counter                                                Customer                                                         Waiter

Place a display to get                 Press call button on the tables                      wear wrist watch to

all customers call record                 to ask service                                    get timely signal to serve the customer



If there is no waiter in your restaurant, you can put a host receiver to get all the calling records On the counter. Each waiter should wear a wrist watch. Before that manager needs to pair all the smartwatch with call buttons first. For a small area, you can add all the call buttons on the wrist watch. Each call button needs to correspond to a table/customer by a unique number. Then you can divide all the tables into several areas, such as AeraA AreaB AreaC AreaD AreaE AreaF. Then pair the watch A with the buttons in the Area A. Setting all the call buttons with the one wrist watch in the same way. Then each Waiter wears a different wrist watch to service the customers in different areas.

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Solution Benefits:

Respect customers’ privacy, satisfied customers

No need to interrupt customers’ conversation to ask whether they need service time by time

Create a pleasant environment

Customer no need to wave or call out to ask service, create a comfortable and happy environment

Improve service efficiency

The waiter will get the signal at once wearing the wrist pager when customers need service

Reduce cost for service stuff

No need other stuff to check whether they need service all the time,

Improve productivity and revenue

Satisfied customers to make them be the regular customer to increase revenue

Effective resource utilization

Service customer in time, reduce waiting time to short each customer’s dinner time, so that improve table usage rate.


It is widely used in the restaurant where there are waiters to serve customers.

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