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Retekess TR502 Long Range Home Transmitter

Retekess FM Transmitter TR502 for broadcasting. It is widely used in school, supermarket, church, audio compaqny, KTV, farm and car theater. You can connect it with the radio,mobile phone, PC. TR502 support AUX, Mic and bluetooth.  ...

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What is the Difference Between TR502 and TR507?

Retekess FM transmitter is very popular at this time special in the COVID-19 period. People use it to broadcast to the car radio for drive-in movie, drive-in movie even in the drive-in funeral. It can protect people well.  ...

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How to set TR502 FM transmitter?

FM transmitter is very easy to use. The most important setting is the antenna installations and chose the blank frequency.  ...

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FAQ-TR501 TR502 TR505 FM Broadcast Transmitter

In the COVID-19 period, many churches are tying to find the solution for catholic mass. Because people can not meet each other in this time. So we got many questions from many churches and pastor to ask Retekess FM broadcast transmitter. I hope the article will help you find the answer.  ...

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What is the best FM frequency for a transmitter?

The FM broadcast band, used for FM broadcast radio by radio stations, differs between different parts of the world. Retekess TR502 work with the 88~108MHz. There is an 8-level RF power-adjustable, so you can choose the power that you need.  ...

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