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How to have a fantastic audio experience at drive in movie theater?

Due to the COVID-19, people have to go to drive-in movie theater to watch movie. How can you have a good experience audio sound outside. You can use the FM headset receiver to receive the sound. It will make the movie more fantastic. So you can feel free to order one. Any questions, contact us at support@retekess.com  ...

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Which Retekess FM Transmitter is Good for Drive-In Movies?

Selling FM transmitters for drive-in movies or church movie nights. Drive-in movie speakers are mono/stereo adjustable, support multiple audio inputs, and are easy to use.  ...

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What can you do with the TR510 FM transmitter?

What can you use with the TR510 FM transmitter? It can be used for drive-in church, drive-in movies, translation, Christmas shows. Do you have any better idea about how to use the TR510 FM transmitter? Feel free to email us at support@retekess.com.  ...

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Do you want to use the FM broadcast transmitter with your car?

Recently, people have to keep social distance, so a FM transmitter is a must. People use it for drive in service. But Many people may want to use it outside, then you can use the car charge to connect with the car battery. If any, feel free to email us at support@retekess.com  ...

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