Which Retekess FM Transmitter is Good for Drive-In Movies?

Which Retekess FM Transmitter is Good for Drive-In Movies?

Which Retekess FM Transmitter is Good for Drive-In Movies?

Which Retekess FM Transmitter is Good for Drive-In Movies?

Retekess FM transmitter is more and more popular in a hard time

In the early days of COVID-19, people use the FM transmitter for drive-in church services and drive-thought funeral. But at this time more and more people use it for the drive-in theater movies. Because people had stayed at home for a long long time, they need to find a new way to relax and have entertainment.

As we all know, the drive-in theater moves are very popular in the last century, one of our customers work in one drive-in theater movies, they start to the business in the 1933.6.6. The max movies up to 2000 places, it is very popular due to the completed device, such as children's amusement park and restaurants. The parents can sit in the cars to watch the movies,  and the children can play in the park lots. Due to the high land price, and modern cinema increasing, this company reduces the places. So there are tens of drive-in movies left. At this time, more companies restart to use the FM transmitter to play movies. It will be the best way to protect us well-Sit in the car and open the car radios or wear the FM receiver to listen to the sound and keep the safety distance with others.

We have 7 types of FM transmitters, they are the TR501, TR502, TR504, TR505, TR506, TR507. Each type has the features, pls check the sheet in detail.

Do many customers ask which type is the best one for drive-in movies?

But as I know, it is based on what do you need?

If you want the long working range, the TR505 will be the best one;

If you pay more attention to the sound quality, the TR507 is. Because it adopts RDS technology, so it is little affected by the surroundings, the signal is good, even in the bad weather.

but if you want lower power with PART 15, The TR508 will be the best choice.

We always do our best to meet customers' needs. So 1 week later, we will have the new arrival-TR508. The working range is 400M. It is the best choice for the drive-in churches in part 15. There is one FM transmitter, one 100 ~ 240V power supply, 3.5mm audio cable, and one rubber antenna in the parcel.  Here are the specification of it. If you want to know more, pls feel free to email us at support@reteless.com. 





working voltage

11~13V DC

(Rated voltage 12 v)


working current



frequency stability



stepped frequency



The operating temperature

of the environment




output impedance



Harmonic and

noise radiation




audio distortion



frequency response



Preemphasis delay



degree of separation

≥40 dB


input level

≤-10 dBV


Modulation frequency





SNR(Signal to Noise Ratio)

≥65 dB


Machine Size



Machine weight



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