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Do you want to use the FM broadcast transmitter with your car?

Do you want to use the FM broadcast transmitter with your car?

Do you want to use the FM broadcast transmitter with your car?

As we all know, many churches and movie theater are using the FM broadcast transmitter for drive in service.

However, except this, the FM transmitter can be widely used in other usage. Such as car adventure managing club and outside party, If you don’t have the power supply directly, you can use your car as the power supply. We have the car charger which can plug in your car directly. So you don’t need extra device to make it work.

So if you want to go outside and organize a small party with few friends, the Retekess TR501, TR502 and TR505 FM transmitter is the best product for you. You can use the car charger directly.

If you have the car club, the front car can use the FM transmitter to transmit information to other car radios. There is antenna for car use, it is very convenient.

For the information between our FM transmitters, you can check this blog. How-do-a-FM-Transmitter-Work-for-Drive-in-Movie-Theater

Besides if you don’t have a FM transmitter and plan to order one.

Here is the options: FM transmitter choice

If you want a license free FM transmitter and you don’t have much request about the range, you can choose the TR508 FM transmitter with FCC, which can reach for about 400 meters in the open area.

TR502 FM transmitter is an 8 levels power-adjustable one, it can reach 3-4 KM in the open area. And it has the magnet antenna with cable, so you can put it outside to receive a better signal. For the professional TR505, it is 25W, and you can adjust the power continuously. It can reach 5-6 km in the open area. And the antenna is a gain antenna, which makes it receive a better signal, the cable with it is 8 meters long. Which is much convenient for using outside.

Besides, the cable can be extended to 15 meters. If you need it, you can contact us for more information.

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