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Best Wireless Microphones for Fitness Instructors

Wireless microphones play a lot of roles in our daily life, they have a wide usage like music production, live sound, speeches, recording, teaching, etc. The best option wireless microphones for fitness instructors are the handheld mic and headset mic.  ...

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Retekess TR619 Voice Amplifier with Wireless Microphone

The voice amplifier is very popular in the pandemic, people use it for training, guiding, and meeting. Retekess cares about every customer needs and want to help you in your business, so the TR619 is our new arrival.  ...

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Which Intercom System can be Used for the Food Truck?

How to use run your food truck at this time to keep the same distance? The wireless window speaker system will make it easier to run your business. How to use it?  ...

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Why Choose TT110 Tour Guide Radio System

Retekess tour guide radio system is widely used in the tourism, company, church, and so on. Safety is the most important thing during the pandemic. Making the tools safe is very important. We developed one new model TT110 with the sterilize and deodorize function.  ...

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How many mircrophones wok with the FM transmitter?

If you need more than one microphone for your FM transmitter, this article will solve your problem. This one will support a max of 6 mics. So feel free to choose this device if you need more. Any more questions, feel free to email us at  ...

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