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Tag Archives :intercom system

Top System for Bank Window Intercom System-Retekess TW102

We supply the solution for your business in the COVID-19 period to avoid contacting people closer. You can use it in the hospital,   clinic, bank, restaurant or pharmacy. This window intercom system is very easy to install, no need wire or charging batteries. We support dropshipping and wholesale. If you want to be our dealer, pls email us to  ...

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Can I Use the Headset with TW106 Intercom System?

where you can use the wireless window speaker system? And does it support the headset on TW106? And how to operate it with the headset? The intercom system is widely used in many applications. If you have questions, pls email us at  ...

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3 Tops Features of TW106 Window Intercom System

The wireless window speaker system uses the professional gooseneck microphone and high power speaker to supply the high-quality voice for the communications. Contact us to get more details about the wireless window speaker system.  ...

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Why Does the Warehouse Need Retekess TW104 Window Intercom Speaker System?

Retekess TW104 window intercom system In a noisy warehouse, it can help employees talk easily with drivers who come to pick up the goods. Factors such as too far away or too noisy surroundings will no longer cause trouble for communication. A simple and easy-to-use device can help both parties hear each other clearly and accurately convey their own voices. Improve the efficiency of conversation and reduce the pressure on both sides.  ...

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Why Does the Bank Counter Need Retekess Window Intercom Speaker System?

In order to protect the safety of employees, the bank installed glass on the counter, but at the same time it also posed challenges to the employees' work. Because glass usually has a certain thickness, employees and customers need to raise their voices to hear each other clearly even in a quiet environment. This will bring a bad experience to customers and reduce the efficiency of business processing. Installing retekess window intercom system will help you solve these problems.  ...

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How to Install TW105 Window Intercom Speech System?

Retekess wireless window intercom system is widely used in the pandemic to stay a safe distance with people. We development the items based on the customer's need, so the TW105 and TW106, which are more powerful are made out.  ...

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Top 3 Reasons to Choose TW105 Window Intercom System

Window intercom system allows a person speaking into a microphone to be heard on a speaker by people in a different area and can talk back through the mic, it helps restaurants, pubs, clinics, libraries, ticket sales, or any organization need to continue to provide service to customers to reopen the business.  ...

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How to install Retekess two way intercom system?

Retekess provide the two way intercom system to help people keep distance. It is very easy to install, if you have concern, feel free to check this blog. Any other questions, feel free to email us at  ...

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Where and how can you use the two-way intercom window system?

You should have one two way intercom system. Except bank counter, only the place has the window to communicate with people, it is the best product to keep away from the virus. Everyone please take care and be healthy. Any questions, feel free to email us at  ...

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Which Intercom System can be Used for the Food Truck?

How to use run your food truck at this time to keep the same distance? The wireless window speaker system will make it easier to run your business. How to use it?  ...

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