Where to Buy a Long Range Driver Paging System

Where to Buy a Long Range Driver Paging System

Where to Buy a Long Range Driver Paging System

Our life and working method have been changing due to Pandemic. Guest Paging Systems are already everywhere for social distancing management. Especially for restaurants, food trucks, bars, hospitals, clinics, warehouses, and logistics centers.

Many of the wireless paging systems in the market has a range within 600m in the open area. And the range will be deducted a lot with walls. This should be enough for restaurants, pubs, clinics, etc.

However, many logistic centers use a paging system to call trucks to improve efficiency for loading and unloading and ensures staff safety. If you are looking for a driver paging system to call trucks to loading bays, you may need a more reliable long-range paging system with text function.

We highly recommend the TD159 Driver Paging System. What’re special functions do the text pagers have?

1, Range up to 1500 in the open area

2, You could add a signal amplifier to increase the distance if needed

3, Allow you preset 10 text messages and sent the text immediately

4, Support PC connect, you could change the setting via software on PC, and also page the driver through PC instead of keypad transmitter.

5, Long working time (48h) and low power notice.

Retekess provides the standard Wireless Calling System as well as support custom specific function, if the current paging system could not meet your requirements, just feel free to let us know all your detailed requirements, Retekess will help you make less invest for a reliable solution.

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Email: support@retekess.com

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