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What are the main factors affecting the distance of wireless devices- One?

What are the main factors affecting the distance of wireless devices- One?

What are the main factors affecting the distance of wireless devices- One?

Retekess research and develop the wireless calling system for more than 10 years. Hope this information below can help you understand well. Many people may face the problem about the range of the wireless device. Especially, many business are using the short range communication device. But always face a problem, why the range is not as long as the describ of the advertisement.

Actually, there are 4 main reasons which will affect the range.

  1. The output transmit power of the receiver.
  2. The receive sensitivity of the receiver.
  3. The anti-interference of the system
  4. Transmitting/receiving antenna type and gain

Thus, transmit power is larger, the range will better. The sensitivity of receiver is good, the range will better. Usually the transmitter power have limitted, so we can improve the other factors to increase the range.

But execpt this, there are many other factors.

  1. Geography Environment

The farthest communication distance is a straight and open area with unobstructed sea level and land, which is also a geographical condition usually used to evaluate the communication distance of wireless communication devices. Followed by semi-obstructed and semi-open environments such as suburban countryside, hills and river beds. The closest communication distance is in urban buildings or mountains. In short, the denser the obstacles, the greater the impact on the wireless communication distance, especially metal objects, has the greatest impact. Another factor is the influence of multi-path, so if there are many obstacles near the wireless module, it will also affect the distance and reliability of communication.

  1. Electromagnetic environment

DC motors, high-voltage power grids, switching power supplies, electric welding machines, high-frequency electronic equipment, computers, single-chip computers and other equipment have varying degrees of influence on the communication distance of wireless communication equipment.

  1. Climatic conditions

The communication distance is longer when the air is dry, and the communication distance is shorter when the air is humid (especially in rain and snow). Within the allowable ambient operating temperature range of the product, an increase in temperature will reduce the transmission power and the receiving sensitivity, thereby reducing it The communication distance.

For the antenna, I will write in next blog. Please check this link.

Hope this artical can help you understand why the range is not good in some area, and the range is good in other area.

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