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Case Study: Why Avalon Memory Care Chose to Use the Retekess Pager System

Case Study: Why Avalon Memory Care Chose to Use the Retekess Pager System

Case Study: Why Avalon Memory Care Chose to Use the Retekess Pager System

Assisted living communities are dedicated to providing a comfortable and fulfilling lifestyle for the elderly. To effectively manage a large community of seniors, coordination and the right tools are essential. Pager systems, particularly the Retekess nurse calling system, have become a crucial component in Assisted living facilities. This case study explores why Avalon Memory Care decided to implement the Retekess pager system and the benefits it brings to their residents and staff.

Benefits of Pager Systems in Assisted Living:

1. Medical emergencies: The Retekess nurse calling system enables residents to call for medical assistance from any location within the community, ensuring prompt response to emergencies.

2. Assistance requests: Seniors often require help with daily tasks. Pager systems allow them to request assistance without having to physically search for staff members, improving their convenience and independence.

3. Security: Pager systems can be utilized to alert staff in case of security breaches, fire breakouts, or other emergency situations, ensuring the safety of residents.

Why Avalon Memory Care Chose the Retekess Nurse Calling System:

Retekess is a renowned manufacturer of wireless paging systems, and their nurse calling system is well-suited for Assisted living communities. Avalon Memory Care opted for the Retekess system due to the following reasons:

1. Quick response times: The Retekess nurse calling system ensures that resident requests are immediately transmitted to staff members, minimizing wait times and enhancing resident satisfaction.

2. Customizable options: The system can be tailored to meet the specific needs and preferences of each community. Different alarm tones can be assigned to different emergencies, enabling staff members to identify and address issues promptly.

3. Mobility: As a wireless system, the Retekess nurse calling system allows staff members to receive and respond to messages from any location within the community, promoting mobility and efficiency.

4. Ease of use: The system is user-friendly, simplifying installation and operation. Staff members can focus on their primary duties while ensuring residents receive prompt assistance when needed.


By implementing the Retekess nurse calling system, Avalon Memory Care has enhanced the level of care and safety for their residents. The system's quick response times, customization options, mobility, and ease of use have proven valuable in managing emergencies and providing timely assistance. Assisted living communities can benefit from investing in pager systems like Retekess, creating secure and comfortable living environments for the elderly while bringing peace of mind to residents, families, and staff members alike.

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