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Audio Tour Device: Enhancing Your Travel Experience

Audio Tour Device: Enhancing Your Travel Experience

Audio Tour Device: Enhancing Your Travel Experience

Audio Tour Device: Durable, Portable Travel Companions

When traveling, a good tour guide can provide us with valuable historical knowledge and cultural background, allowing us to better understand the destination. However, in large groups, it can become difficult to rely solely on the tour guide's voice to spread information, so an advanced audio tour device is needed to solve this problem. Today, I will introduce to you an excellent audio tour device - retekess t130s, which includes 1 transmitter, 15 receivers and a 16-port USB charging base. Of course, we have more than just this combination. You can click here to learn more combinations, or directly consult customer service.

Durable and portable

First of all, this audio tour device stands out for its durability and portability. Whether you're roaming the city or exploring the great outdoors, this device is built to withstand the elements. Its sturdy casing and high-quality materials ensure the stability and durability of the device over long periods of use. And, thanks to its lightweight design, you can easily throw it into your carry-on bag for easy portability on the go.

Strong communication range

This audio tour device has an excellent communication range of up to 100 meters/328 feet. This means that no matter where you are, your guide's voice reaches every receiver clearly. Whether you're in a spacious museum or a crowded city center, you can easily listen to your guide's explanations and enjoy a rich travel experience.

long time use

The battery life of the transmitter and receiver is also a big plus for this audio guide device. After being fully charged, they can run continuously for 20 hours, which is enough to cover a day's travel activities. This provides tour guides and tourists with a long-lasting and reliable usage experience without the hassle of frequent charging.

Convenient operation and charging

The device features one-click auto-pairing, making it easy to connect to all your devices. The tour guide only needs to press a button, and the receiver will automatically pair with the transmitter, eliminating the tedious setup process and allowing you to focus more on the fun of travel. Plus, when you're done using it, you can turn off all receivers with just one click, making it quick and easy. In addition, the transmitter has a one-button mute function, which is very useful when the tour guide needs to temporarily stop the explanation or have a private conversation in a specific scene. One-click mute makes communication between tour guides and tourists more flexible and free. Finally, the audio guide device is also equipped with a 16-port USB charging base so that multiple devices can be charged at the same time. Not only does this dock provide a faster and safer charging experience, it also provides the entire team with a convenient charging solution to ensure devices are always working properly.

As technology continues to shape our world, audio tour equipment has long become an invaluable tool for those seeking immersive and customer experiences. Whether you are a tour guide or a worker looking to enhance your museum experience, audio tour device is an essential companion.


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Hi, I have a question: does the tour guide system use analog or digital transmission? What is the typical audio delay? Thanks!

Comment author


Thank you for your interest in Retekess products. T130S uses analog transmission and has no audio delay. If you have further questions, please contact

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