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Why Do You Need The TT112 Wireless Tour Guide Headset System

Why Do You Need The TT112 Wireless Tour Guide Headset System

Why Do You Need The TT112 Wireless Tour Guide Headset System

Tourism, plant tours, church services, conferences, etcthese diverse settings share a common need for effective communication. Whether guiding a group through a historic city or conducting a factory tour, clear and reliable audio communication is crucial for a successful and engaging experience. This is where the TT112 Wireless Tour Guide Headset System steps in, revolutionizing how information is conveyed in various scenarios.

Introduction of TT112 Tour Guide System

The TT112 Wireless Tour Guide Headset System stands out with its cutting-edge features designed to enhance communication in group settings. The lightweight ear hanging receivers provide comfort and convenience, ensuring users can focus on the experience rather than the equipment. With a remarkable 200-meter working range, the TT112 system allows flexibility and freedom, accommodating various group sizes and spatial configurations.

The universal design of the ear hook receivers, suitable for both left and right ears, adds an extra layer of user-friendly functionality. Operating the system is a breeze, thanks to one-click frequency modulation, one-click mute function, and one-click turn-off function. Additionally, the TT112 system offers two convenient charging modes: USB charging and charging case charging in batches, ensuring constant availability for long-duration events.

Features of TT112 Wireless Audio Tour Guide System

The TT112 Wireless Audio Tour Guide System leverages UHF transmission, providing strong penetration and stable signals. The transmitter incorporates a one-key pairing function, making setup quick and efficient. A separate aux audio input port enhances versatility, allowing for various audio sources to be integrated seamlessly.

The system is available in two versions: the American version with 100 channels and the European version with 30 channels. The American version operates within the frequency range of 902-928MHz, while the European version works on the frequency range of 863-865MHz. The transmitter boasts an impressive 10-hour battery life, while the receivers provide 8-9 hours of continuous operation.

Application of TT112 Tour Guide Audio Headset System

Application of TT112 tour guide audio headset system includes but not limited to these scenarios: tourism, factory tour, conference, church. The TT112 Tour Guide Audio Headset System finds application in a myriad of scenarios. In the tourism sector, it ensures that guides can effortlessly communicate historical facts or cultural insights to large groups. For factory tours, the system facilitates clear instructions and safety information. In churches and conferences, it enhances the overall experience by delivering sermons or presentations with crystal-clear audio.

Operation of the Wireless TT112 Tour Guide System

Operating the TT112 system is designed to be user-friendly. With intuitive one-click functions, users can easily modulate frequencies, mute the system, and turn it off with minimal effort. The lightweight design of the ear hanging receivers ensures comfort throughout extended use, making the system suitable for a variety of events and settings. The related specific operation methods are illustrated as below:

Channel Settings: In working mode, press the left and right buttons of the transmitter simultaneously until the channel number on the transmitter screen flashes, and the transmitter enters channel setting mode. Press the left and right keys to adjust the channel number. After selecting the channel number, press the M key for three seconds until the antenna symbol flashes. Release the M key and the transmitter enters the wireless channel matching mode. Place the open receiver within a 2m range of the transmitter, and the channel of the receiver channel will automatically become consistent with the transmitter channel. Then, click the transmitter M button to turn off channel matching mode.

One-key mute Function: Click the right button on the transmitter, and the antenna icon on the screen will change to a mute icon. Click the right button on the transmitter again to restore the speaking function.

One-key turn off all receivers in the same channels: In working mode, press the left button of the transmitter for 5 seconds until the entire screen flashes and the word "off" appears, forcing all receivers to turn off.(Afterwards, you can click any button on the transmitter to exit the current state)

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Comparison Choice of TT113 and TT112

The choice between the TT113 and TT112 depends on the specific scenario, especially considering indoor and outdoor settings. In outdoor environments where distance and noise are factors, the TT112 chest-mounted transmitter shines. Its higher sound requirements are well-suited for combating outdoor challenges. On the other hand, the TT113 handheld transmitter is more appropriate for indoor scenarios, providing convenient explanations and superior sound quality for settings like conferences or guided tours within enclosed spaces.

In conclusion, the TT112 Wireless Tour Guide Headset System emerges as a versatile and reliable solution for various communication needs. Its innovative features, ease of operation, and adaptability make it an invaluable tool for those seeking seamless audio communication in group settings across different industries.

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