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Back to School Sale 2023 of T130s Tour Guide System

Back to School Sale 2023 of T130s Tour Guide System

Back to School Sale 2023 of T130s Tour Guide System

It's that time of year again - back to school! As students and teachers gear up for another academic year, it's important to have the right tools to make learning engaging and effective. One technology that should be on every school's radar is the T130s tour guide system from Retekess.


Take Advantages of back to school sale 2023 of T130S tour guide system

The T130s is an excellent addition to any classroom, providing top-notch audio transmission for guided tours, field trips, and even regular lessons. Teachers can pass around lightweight wireless receivers to students while wearing the transmitter. Their voice will be clearly picked up and broadcast to the receivers up to 328 feet away. This allows teachers to take learning outside of the classroom, while still being able to communicate with students. Field trips to museums, zoos, historical sites, and nature preserve become incredibly educational when the teacher can provide live narration and facts.

The T130s is also great for seminars, assemblies, and lectures in large venues. Speakers can reach every student clearly, without straining their voice or using a mic. Students never have to miss a word during important academic seminars. The 49 channels allow multiple groups to use the system simultaneously without interference.

In addition to teacher-lead learning, the T130s facilitate independent study for students. A group can check out the system to tour the library while listening to pre-recorded audio guides. You can use an AUX cable to connect the phone or other media device to broadcast the pre-recorded audio.

With up to 18 hours of battery life, the T130s system can handle even the longest field trips and seminars. And the equipment is durable enough to withstand regular use by students and teachers. The audio is crisp, clear, and undistorted even at higher volumes.

As the 2023 school year starts, make sure your school has the best technology for engaging and interactive learning. The T130s tour guide system creates education opportunities both in and out of the classroom. Take advantage of back-to-school sales to upgrade your audio tech. Your students and teachers will thank you!

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